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About the Book

Everyone has secrets. He wants all of hers.

Meet the man next door…

After years of military service, Evan Miller wants a quiet life. The small town of Ravenswood seems perfect—until he stumbles upon a vicious web of lies with his new neighbour at its centre.

Ruth Kabbah is rude, awkward, and—according to everyone in town—bad news. Thing is, no-one will tell Evan why. Does she perform ritual sacrifices? Howl at the moon? Pour the milk before the tea? He has no clue.

But he desperately wants to find out. Because Ruth doesn’t seem evil to him; she seems lonely. And funny, and clumsy, and secretly quite sweet, and really f*%king beautiful…

The more Evan’s isolated, eccentric neighbour pushes him away, the more he wants her. Her—and all her secrets. Because there’s no way a girl like Ruth truly deserves the town’s scorn.

…Is there?

A Girl Like Her is a steamy, small town BWWM romance. Warning: this book is 65,000+ words of extreme pleasure and intense romance, ending in a HEA. There are NO cliffhangers and NO cheating. Enjoy responsibly!

Author Bio

Talia Hibbert is a writer and educator from England, U.K., by way of both the West Indies and West Africa. She wrote her first romance aged 12, and was promptly scolded by her teacher because her story of love in the jungle wasn’t ‘proper’.

Since then, Talia’s romances have improved in quality and hugely increased in heat. She now writes erotic, interracial romances about dirty Brits. They still aren’t proper, but they are a lot of fun.

In her free time, she eats too much ice cream and watches K Drama on Netflix.

She also spends a serious amount of time on social media, so make sure you stay connected.

And, as Talia would say… that’s all, folks. Love and biscuits!





Release Blitz Sanctuary


Book Excerpt

My eyelids fluttered open to a room bathed in the glittering white light of day. Though how late in the day I couldn’t say. It was too bright and hot to be early morning but I didn’t know why I would be allowed to sleep in the way I was. Regardless, I rolled over onto my side and didn’t try to hurry myself to wake up. Why? I already slept much longer than need be. Might as well take my time about it.

Plus the heat kept me too sleepy and stupid to have much of a reaction to anything. Which might’ve been why when I saw Garth hovering outside my window, adorned in one of his shirts with the sleeves cut off so that his well-sculpted arms showed in all their muscular glory, I didn’t think much of it.

How peculiar . . . I thought as I watched him reach his arm up and down. Up and down. Up and down. How does he do that? I think I would want to learn that. It might come in handy someday, to just lift your feet off the ground and fly—

But people can’t fly. Not without the aid of a dirigible or airplane wings or turbine engines.

Everything came at me all at once, and did so with such force that I threw myself out of my bed and at the window.

“Garth! What are you doing?”

He didn’t look at me. “I’m—” He drifted his gaze over to me and whatever he intended to say died in his throat. A shade of bright pink lit up his face as his eyes grew wide and his lips pressed into a thin line. I watched his eyes, which moved from mine to something down . . . lower.

I followed his gaze. When I saw what he was looking at I made an odd sort of sound between a gasp and a scream. In my heat-induced stupidity and the shock of seeing him outside my second-story bedroom window I’d forgotten that I made a habit of sleeping in my bra and panties. I tried to cover my indecency up with my arms but to no avail. At last I drew the curtains shut and hurried to put on something.

Once dressed in my black t-shirt and blue denim shorts, I ran downstairs and out the front door. Garth stood near a long ladder with a gray soaked paintbrush in one hand and a matching paint can in the other.


About the Book

Title: Sanctuary

Author: Makayla Love

Genre: Steampunk / Post-Apocalyptic

Shiloh isn’t adjusting well to her new life in Ironbridge. Life isn’t how she always imagined it would be, and every day is harder than the last. Things only get worse when a small family on their way to a settlement called “Sanctuary” shows up on Shiloh’s doorstep looking for an escort the rest of the way. But Sanctuary isn’t all its supposed to be.

When they find themselves trapped, every second becomes a fight for survival. Can they find a way out before one of them falls to a mad tyrant? Or will their little group be broken up forever?

Author Bio

Makayla Love is an aspiring Harley Quinn-esque super villain who has decided to spend her time between nefarious schemes by writing paranormal novels in her lair somewhere in the general Kansas area. She enjoys sit-coms and doesn’t have enough shelf space for her ever multiplying collection of books.


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Guest Post Sweet Dreams


Guest Post: To Small Town Bakeries and Majestic Old Popcorn Palaces


In SWEET DREAMS, the second book in my Dreams Come True series, the hero Jake Sutton has an interesting hobby: he restores Art Deco movie theaters. As the owner of Sutton foods, Sutton Property Development, Sutton Global Security and Texas’ second largest newspaper, Jake’s got money to burn. Saving old popcorn palaces like the Regal from ruin is pricey, but the work inspires him. Plus, the Regal is right around the corner from feisty, fascinating Maggie Roby who owns a bakery full of treats almost as scrumptious and tempting as she is. Heck, that’s just a Jake Sutton bonus.


From the first moment Jake beholds the Regal, he’s smitten:


Jake looked up and went a little lightheaded.

It was an old Art Deco movie theater, probably built in the early thirties, but boarded up now, a grande dame past her prime and sadly neglected. The Regal it said in broken, unlit neon.

For most of his thirty-one years, Jake had dreamed about renovating an Art Deco building.

Uncle Marty had taken him to see “The Adventures of Robin Hood” in a lushly romantic Art Deco theater when he was a kid. The city bulldozed it ten years later and built a parking garage. But ever since, Jake had vacuumed up every scrap of knowledge, lore, history and hearsay he could find about the period. Something about its extravagance and naïveté strongly appealed to him.

Now here he was standing in front of what could be a lifelong dream come true. He could easily imagine there were cartoon Valentine hearts floating out of his eyeballs.


I’ll admit to being just as crazy about Art Deco movie theaters as Jake is. Think about it: when theaters such as the Regal were first built, admission for a silent film accompanied by an eight-piece orchestra was no more than a quarter. It was the early Golden Age of Hollywood and megawatt stars like Clark Gable, Judy Garland and Shirley Temple delighted audiences the world over. Popcorn was a nickel. A nickel! And in many small Texas towns like Cuervo, which is where SWEET DREAMS is set, the only air conditioning you could find during the summer was at one of these wonderful old popcorn palaces—a fact that was proudly advertised in snow-packed letters on the ticket window.


The great fun of writing virile, male characters like Jake Sutton, oddly enough, is depriving them what they want while at the same time giving what they need. Jake needs the love of a strong woman like Maggie. He also needs the satisfaction of restoring his piece of history and making it beautiful again. I hope you enjoy reading Jake and Maggie’s love story as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Old places, like satisfying romances, are abundant in soul.

About the Book

Title: Sweet Dreams

Author: Stacey Keith

Genre: Romance

In a little town in the heart of Texas, the same old story can turn into happily ever after . . .

On any given day, Maggie Roby has cake batter on her sleeve, flour where the blush supposedly goes, and sore feet from standing since dawn. For her sister’s wedding day, she’s added a side of heartache. Maggie’s failed marriage taught her that love is a lie and commitment a mistake, and it was an expensive lesson. But with her bakery thriving and her life simplified to work, family, and knitting for her pug, Maggie thinks she’s bought some peace. Until Jake Sutton walks in and she realizes she isn’t safe from desire at all . . .

Jake has model-perfect looks and about a billion dollars to throw around, but Maggie also sees the same never-say-die grit she prizes in herself. The attraction between them is hotter than her oven in July. But when Jake decides to restore the old Art Deco movie theater right around the corner from her bakery, she worries that temptation is a little too close for comfort. And the added ingredient of a man from her past only complicates the mix. This time nothing less than true love will do. If she can learn to listen to her heart, she just may be able to have her cake and eat it too.



Author Bio

Award-winning author Stacey Keith doesn’t own a television, but reads compulsively—and would, in fact, go stark raving bonkers without books, most of which are crammed into every corner of the house. She lives with her jazz musician boyfriend in Civita Castellana, a medieval village in Italy that sits atop a cliff, and she spends her days writing in a nearby abandoned 12th century church. But the two things she is most proud of are her ability to cook pasta alla matriciana without burning down the kitchen, and swearing volubly in Italian with all the appropriate hand gestures.






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