Book Excerpt Trolling


Book Excerpt

“I like that sound. What do I do to hear it again?”
Her giggle died on her lips. No one had ever asked her something like that. It made her skin warm form the inside, just like when he told her he wanted to please her. Suddenly she imagined him tickling her while they lay naked in bed. Her whole body flushed beneath her clothes. She saw the moment he noticed, because his lips parted for air.
“I do not know what you are thinking, but I would gladly do it.”
“I was not thinking….”
It was not the word he used, but the way he used it that sent tingles across her skin. “I do not think that would be a good idea.”
She was alone with him in the front hall and the space seemed so much smaller than she remembered. The four feet between them wasn’t nearly enough to keep her from wanting to close that distance. In fact, it felt as if the space were disappearing the longer they stood there.
“Are you afraid of me?” His voice was softer, but lost none of the masculinity.
“Didn’t we cover this already?” She was trying to keep a sense of humor between them.
“Yes, but you seem to be keeping your distance more today.”
“It’s not you that I’m afraid of, but my own weakness to you.”
“How is this a weakness?”
It took only a split second for him to move from the doorway to where she was standing. His hands were touching her, one on her hip and one behind her neck, pulling her against him. Out of instinct she raised her hands to press against his chest, but there was no force behind it. She didn’t want to stop him from getting closer. Beneath his shirt her fingers felt the hard muscle that was warmer than any normal man. She wanted to melt into him.
His lips looked soft but were firm when they pressed against hers. Like the rest of his skin, his lips had a roughness to them that made her mouth tingled when they rubbed together. When he opened them she found that his tongue was nothing but softness as it danced with hers. Then she noticed something else was growing hard between them, pressing into the intimate part of her body. She couldn’t help but rub against it while letting his mouth tease her.
When she felt his fingers beginning to inch under the edge of her shirt reality broke into her thoughts and she remembered the strange situation they were in. Abruptly she pulled away and slipped past him. They needed more than just a little distance to keep her in check.
“You shouldn’t do that.” her words stuttered.
“We both wanted me to.”
“You can’t always do what you want.”


About the Book

Title: Trolling

Author: Emma Brady

Genre: Romance / Urban Fantasy

Lily Faye-Richardson thought her bad luck was ending when she and her sisters inherited her uncle’s house. Finding a green man chained in the basement changed that. Now she must trust this sexy troll to take her into a magical kingdom and rescue the only family she has.
Theno woke up with missing pieces to his memory but an angel saving him. When her sisters are kidnapped, he is willing to do anything to help her in return. The problem is, if he can’t remember who he is, how can he trust himself not to hurt her?
Together, the two of them will go to the land of Tammara to bring back the other Faye girls. They will have to face an Evil Queen, who wants to find the door and cross over into the human world. There is also the matter of an intense sexual attraction between them and the need for Theno to discover his identity. Does a troll get to have a happy ending?

Author Bio

Emma graduated with both an English degree and a library sciences degree. She has always been an avid reader of romance, since she first fell in love with Wuthering Heights.  After college she decided she didn’t want to just read books and started writing them. She has already started in both urban fantasy and historical romance, but doesn’t rule out other projects in the future. Living in Kansas with her tiny lapdog and a couple rambunctious nephews, she spends most of her time reading, writing and enjoying a good cup of coffee.

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