Book Excerpt The Unexpected


Book Excerpt

    I was trying to walk towards this interesting object that I saw that was very odd and intriguing. But the principal had told us to stand still and listen to his speech about the school.  “Hello my name is Troy Johnson and I’m the principal of this school. Here at Illinois Tech we have you do projects that you would like to do in your field. This will make your feilds understand the knowledge of tech”. The principal voice was so strong and heavy, which makes sense that he is the head principal because he as leadership. His skin was black with hazel brown eyes. You can tell he was around his 40s or 50s and you can tell that his height is 5’6. His hair was gray like when the President of the United States leaves offices due to their term.

About the Book

Title: The Unexpected

Author: Travon Toussiant

Genre: YA mystery / thriller

A young man named Anthony finally gets his dream he always wanted, a tech company. But his company starts to fall down the drain, thanks to Spencer. Throughout the story, Anthony runs into shocking hurdles and painful moments that he never expected. Will Anthony be able to handle this when he finds out?. Or will things get out of hand?.


Author Bio

Travon is a young teenage writer who is excited to write more books throughout his writing journey. He was born September 25, 2001 in Chicago, IL at Saint Joseph Hospital. This is his first book he has ever wrote. He lives in Chicago, IL and he will be making the next sequel for the The Unexpected series soon. Travon has earned many medals in sports and honor roll certificates in school, he has graduated from John B. Murphy Elementary school. Travon was inspired from his grandmother Stella saying “Travon you should write a book”. It gave him the idea to go for it. Travon gone through so many tragic scenes in his life that push him more to achieve. Up into now his life has been looking very pleasant for him.








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