Book Review The Calypsis Project II: Rebirth


tcp-rebirth-placeholder-coverTitle: The Calypsis Project II: Rebirth

Author: Brittany M. Willows

Genre: Science Fiction

The culmination of a thousand centuries of planning is at hand.

Though the key is gone, the war is not yet over.

Three years following the loss of Pioneer and its passengers, Alana Carmen and her teammates continue their fight against the Drocain Royal Empire. The Calypsis Project has been unveiled. The Nephera have retreated to the edge of space, and the Leh’kin have joined forces with the UNPD.

For once, humanity finds itself on an even playing field.
But with the return of old friends, tensions are running higher than ever.

When Echo Team embarks on a mission to reclaim a stolen freighter from rebel forces, they discover far more than they bargained for. Now they must fight the Nephera head on, or face certain annihilation.

I didn’t read book one before starting this one, but I wish I had. I could follow the story, though, but I think I would’ve enjoyed it more had I read book one first.

This was an exciting, thrilling book, and I enjoyed every moment of it. The author has a vivid imagination. Writing scifi isn’t easy – you have to find a good balance between explaining how things work in this futuristic world, while not getting stuck in technical explanations and losing the story flow. Luckily, that didn’t happen here. The story flowed well, and I really enjoyed it.


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