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How long have you been writing?

I was deeply into poetry and creating short stories between the ages of ten through to my late teens. I switched to writing novel length stories around seventeen. I had written eight fiction pieces throughout my life. Writing has always been an extension of me. When I decided I would be walk the path of a writer, I created my ninth novel called Wantin. This is the first book I ever released to market.

What was the most challenging part about writing WANTIN?

The most challenging part about writing this novel was more related to it being the first time I would allow the world to read one of my stories. Any artist will tell you that there is a piece of them in whatever they create. I found I was conscious of the fact that everything I had previously written held a freedom of being captured in the absence of prying eyes. It is one of the reasons I never told anyone that I had decided to become a writer. I wrote under a pseudonym and focused my energies on developing a literary piece that I was confident would showcase my style and voice in a very competitive market place.

What do you enjoy the most about being an author?

The short answer is writing. I find the activity is pleasurably indulgent and to some degree selfish. I’m not sure about other authors writing process but I can tell you when I begin the journey of creating a new novel, I am fixated in that space of creativity until it is done. This has its challenges because I can’t fully remove myself from the ‘real’ world but I revel in it whenever I can afford the opportunity to do so.

Is this book part of a series?

Yes. The Enigma series consists of Wantin, Unrequited and Sated. The trilogy is more than a love story. It’s an epic life story about self discovery and the tenacity to be who you want to be in a world that would prefer you to conform. The main character in the absence of fear takes the decision that she is going to live her life to the fullest and will not settle or compromise when it comes to love. The right person is always worth the wait.

Do you have any works in progress?

I’m working on two items at the moment. I find working on multiple projects helps stimulate my creative outlook. When I need a break or am feeling a little unenthused about something I am developing, I go for a long walk and when I return I switch to another project for a while.

  • First draft development of Quantum – Book 3 in the Soliloquy’s Labyrinth series
  • First draft development of an unnamed script in the horror genre

About the Book

Wantin_TruthDevourTitle: Wantin

Author: Truth Devour

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Fate is relentless in its pursuit of Talia Jacobs. Presented with unimaginable turns of chance, she is drawn into the depths of tragic losses then catapulted to the extraordinary heights of life’s joy. Take the journey with Talia as she undergoes her sexual, social and physical metamorphosis from a vulnerable girl into a mature young seductress. Nothing in life is ever as it seems. Is she blessed or cursed? Will she ever find the man who will love her like no other, fearlessly caressing the deepest part of her being while intertwining his soul to hers in a dance that holds the unspoken promise of forever?


About the Author

Truth Devour WebTruth Devour is the pen name of an Australian born author who has published works available through various online stores. The pen name Truth Devour was created from the authors life philosophy of devour thy own truth. It stood as a reminder that in a world filled with deception, misleads and lies one should consider ensuring never buying into a false portrayal of themselves. Lie if you must but never to yourself.

Devour thy own truth ~ embrace it ~ live it ~ love it.

Truth Devour has been telling stories, writing them, dreaming about them before she could crawl. She has immersed herself in all elements of life that stimulate the imagination and inspires her creative expression. Writing, reading, music, poetry, photography and painting are just a few of the spaces she tends to dabble within. Its her passion & a joy.


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Wantin – Youtube Book Promo
Wantin – Youtube Book Promo

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