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Author Interview

How long have you been writing?

I wrote my first romance in fifth grade (not kidding!), wrote poetry in high school, and began my first novel in college. Never finished it though. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a thick enough skin to handle the “comments”. Wrote a few short stories as well, but I put all of it away to pursue a serious career in science. Not until many years later did I decide to try writing fiction again. In 2008, I began, and finished, my first full-length paranormal romance, which isn’t published. I’ve learned a lot since then! I moved on to writing other works. “On Par with a Fairy”, a short novella, was published by Boroughs Publishing Group in 2012. Under my other pen name, I have the first two novellas in a trilogy published.

What was the most challenging part about writing A SPRINT TO HIS HEART?

Deciding how long it would be. I know, that sounds like a silly answer. Initially, I wrote it as a short novella and realized I couldn’t cover the story I needed to in such a short work. So then I envisioned it as a 30,000-word novella, but still, there seemed more story to tell. I think the most difficult process with this particular book was ensuring enough romantic conflict because the hero is such a sweetheart and likes the heroine from the get-go. At least getting the bike-racing details was not the most challenging part. My husband is a former racer.

What do you enjoy the most about being an author?

The creativity, the rush when someone says they like my story, and getting to spend my mornings in my pajamas. And while not asked, I will add that my least favorite aspect of being an author is constantly judging myself. That, and not having a boss looking over my shoulder to prevent me from spending too much time on Facebook and Instagram.

Is this book part of a series?

I did not intend A Sprint to His Heart to be part of a series, but I am toying with the idea of writing a sequel.

Do you have any works in progress?

I’m currently editing my first completed book (the one I wrote in 2008). I’m working on finishing the third novella in my trilogy (under my other pen name). And over the past week, I’ve been typing up an outline for a new story—of course, I’ve typed up outlines a number of times before and decided against writing the story. So, we’ll see!

About the Book

A Sprint to his Heart Finals_830x1250Title: A Sprint to His Heart

Author: Lyla Bardan

Genre: New Adult Romance

An ordinary young woman with a dream to be a professional cyclist falls for an extraordinary young man who thinks she’s anything but ordinary.

Bailey Meyers doesn’t have time for distractions, much less a boyfriend, so why does she agree to date the drop-dead sexy Fae artist who loves to watch her race? Because for once, she’d like to take a risk off the racecourse, even after her coach’s reminder of his no dating policy. A policy that puts her racing career in jeopardy when she’s kicked off the team, as if a concussion from a crash and an accusation of doping with dark Fae blood wasn’t enough.

She can’t stay away from the enchanting Piran of Sava…until she discovers he’s not who she thought he was. Can their love stay on course when Bailey joins a cycling team a thousand miles away and Piran is promised to a Fae princess?

Author Bio

LylaBardanLyla Bardan wrote her first romance in fifth grade and was horrified when her male teacher read it aloud in class. She wrote her second romance in the seventh grade after seeing two great horned owls engage in a rather fascinating courtship dance. As the male hooted, danced, and bobbed for the female, Lyla knew there was a story to be told. This discovery of passion in the animal world led to a lifelong interest in science, other worldly creatures, and their love stories.

While in college, Lyla joined a sci-fi/fantasy acting group, where she and others made puppets and produced plays for fellow students. Her favorite part was not creating the overly detailed and ornate puppets of fairies, demons, and dragons, but writing romance bits into every script.

It wasn’t until years into an unfulfilling scientific research career that Lyla came back to her roots of writing. Reaching into her dreams and fantasies, she left the research behind and now stays busy writing from the comfort of her home office, overlooking her well-maintained fairy garden, fruit bearing trees, and a number of birdhouses. There she can relax and remember that it was two birds that originally sparked her interest in love stories just begging to be told.

Note: Bits of this fascinating biography (written by Lyla’s daughter) are actually true!




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