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Book Excerpt

A few minutes later, Grandmother Lestin returned and took Alex by the arm.  “Come with me, Alex, I want to show you something.”  She led her to a two-story house, a few blocks away.  It had white stucco walls and dark timbers with an old thatched roof.  As they stepped inside, Grandmother Lestin burst into tears.

“What’s wrong?”  Alex put her arms around her.

“This was my brother’s house, and I found out from Queen Narin that it was left to me.”  Grandmother Lestin waved her hand over a plaque on the wall; the room brightened.  “It needs to be fixed up.  Your room will be upstairs when it’s done.  Let me show you around.”

“What’s that?”  Alex pointed to the plaque.

“It controls the crystal to give us light.  Let me show you the kitchen.”  She led the way through the parlor to the dining room, which was next to a small kitchen with a pantry and attached bathing area.  Crystals brightened in each room as they entered and turned off when they left.  Alex jumped between rooms to test it.

Grandmother Lestin removed some dusty sheets from the furniture to check on their condition as they toured the house.  Back through the parlor and down the hall was Grandmother Lestin’s bedroom.  Upstairs were two more bedrooms and a sitting area.

Alex craned her neck, taking in the layout of the house, the lighting overhead, and the idea of living here with her grandmother.  It was overwhelming.

“Prince Darin has offered us a place to stay until the repairs are completed,” Grandmother Lestin said.

“This is a cute house.”  Alex hugged her for several long minutes.  “What happened to your brother?”

“He was murdered by an assassin.”  She wrinkled her brow.  “I’m the last one in my family…except for my grandchildren.”

“Was it that guy, Sawgrass?”

“Who told you that?”

“Prince Darin.  He told me all about it.”

Grandmother Lestin stared away.  “Yes, that’s true.  They were murdered.  And thanks to Prince Darin, King Henran is dead.”

“I never heard of a Marsh Elf or a Fire Elf before.  How many kinds of Elves are there?”

Grandmother Lestin shrugged.  “That whole topic is quite complicated.  The Water Elves are the only clan of the original four that remains intact.  That’s why there is only one king left—King Sidin.  The rest have splintered into smaller and smaller groups.  It’s impossible to know how many there are.”

“Is this Sawgrass still alive?”

“I don’t know.  Don’t worry about him, Alex.  We have a new life to build…together.”  Grandmother Lestin embraced her.  “Let’s get started.”

As they left the little house, Alex glanced back.  There was a history of brutality that she never knew, and she wondered what had been done about this Sawgrass.

About the Book

Spell Breaker 1Title: Spell Breaker

Author: Joni Parker

Genre: Fantasy

After Lady Alexin (Alex) breaks the spell around Seaward Isle, the inhabitants can leave the island for the first time in a thousand years.  At long last, the Elves and Dwarves can return home to Eledon, while the mortals are given the opportunity to stay or leave through a portal to the mortal world.  Alex chooses to stay with her Elf family only to be involved in a mission to rid the Elf World of its most notorious criminal, Sawgrass.  Alex must eliminate him before he implements his plan to kill her Water Elf family and take over Eledon.

Author Bio

orig_27374_020 (738x1024) (461x640) (288x400)Born in Chicago, Illinois, Joni left with her family when she was eight and lived for four years in Japan.  Upon return to the States, she and her family moved to Phoenix, Arizona.   She graduated from Camelback High School and attended Arizona State University until she dropped out and joined the Navy.  After three years as a Photographer’s Mate, she got out of the Navy, married a career sailor, and returned to college completing a bachelor’s and master’s degree at the University of West Florida in Pensacola, Florida.  She returned to the Navy as a commissioned officer and retired with over twenty-two years of service.  While active duty, she was selected to attend the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College and attained a Master of Military Arts and Sciences degree.  After her retirement, she traveled the country with her husband in a motorhome until he passed away.  Joni returned to the workforce for another seven years and retired again to devote time to her writing.  She currently resides in Tucson, Arizona.





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