Book Review The Girl with Red Hair


CoverVer3 (3)Title: The Girl With Red Hair

Author: Michael J. Sanford

Genre: Fantasy

She was just a lost girl when they found her.

The circumstances are odd, that much is true. But she’s just a child. She needs protecting. She needs guardians.
Before long, strange magic manifests from the small girl, equally awe inspiring as it is terrifying.

Does she control the fire and light?
Or do they control her?

Shadows are rising from Alfuria, the very world beneath their feet. Sometimes they call, wishing for an unending embrace.

Dragons have risen as well, from myth and legend, stalking land and sky. The roar of such beasts shakes even the most resolute warrior.

Shadows, gods, dragons, and the girl with red hair. What is real and what is merely illusion?

Adelaide is undoubtedly important.

That may be the only certainty.


Review: I was a little hesitant at first about the story, but once I got past the first few chapters, I really starte to enjoy it. The characters were easy to connect with, and they were three-dimensional too. I started to care about them soon enough, and hated it when they got hurt. The author has a vivid imagination, and the story is creative. Great world building and settings – I could imagine being there. The only downside was the writing. It was okay, but I thought it could be better.

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