Author Interview The Age of Amy: The Thumper Amendment



How long have you been writing?

I wish I could say I was one of those prodigies that picked up a pen when he was five years old and never put it down, but I’m not that guy. My first book was published only four years ago. But writing isn’t just a craft. Ideas just don’t fall from the sky; you have to experience them. In a way, I’ve been a writer my whole life. I’m only now putting my words into books.

What was the most challenging part about writing The Age of Amy: the Thumper Amendment?

There are a slew of fantasy elements sprinkled throughout this book. They are used primarily as metaphors to reinforce some aspect of the story. Conjuring up surreal situations can really put a strain on your imagination. Don’t ask me why, but the best ideas just seem to happen with no effort at all. Others have to be dredged out of your subconscious, like squeezing your brain through an orange juicer.

What do you enjoy the most about being an author?

I’ve always been a creative person. I have been a musician, a feature film animator, and even performed magic. Being an author has got to be the ultimate in artistic expression. You’re in full control with no one looking over your shoulder.

This is a series: how many books are there in it? Do you plan on writing more?

There are currently four books in the series. The first three titles have just been released as a Box set. Book# 5, The Age of Amy: Mad Dogs and Makeovers, sends Amy in search of a personality-altering shampoo, and is on track for a June, 30th release date.

About the Book

amy_thumper_imageTitle: The Age of Amy: The Thumper Amendment

Author: Bruce Edwards

Genre: YA Fiction

TEENS Win the Vote!

It’s an election year, and Congress has lowered the voting age to 14. Not one to refuse political involvement, 16-year-old Amy joins a campaign to elect the next U.S. President. Her goal isn’t only to see her candidate win, but to prevent his rival—an arrogant, profiteering sleazeball—from ever stepping foot inside the Oval Office.

Amy’s participation is also personal. The opposing candidate’s son viciously bullied her in the 3rd grade. Foiling his father’s bid for the presidency would be the perfect payback. But, there’s a problem. Her grade school offender has changed. He has grown into a kind and thoughtful (and cute) young adult. No longer able to dislike him, Amy’s hatred turns to affection. Is she falling in love?

Pinnacle Achievement Book Award, “Best Book for Young Adults.”

“Readers will appreciate Amy’s sharp wit and the overall comedy of political theater.”

“This book will be popular with those looking for a quirky love story with an exciting twist.”
   –School Library Journal

“The author does a highly credible job of displaying the incredible cost of meanness.”
   –Readers’ Favorite

Author Bio

bruce_edwardsBruce Edwards writes young adult fiction on subjects most YA authors shy away from. His award-winning The Age of Amy series explores unconventional topics—from the trappings of modern technology to the absurdity of Washington politics. Through fantasy and imagination, Bruce addresses real-world issues, as young readers enjoy a fun read.



The Thumper Amendment – Video/Info


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