Author Interview The Age of Amy: The Thumper Amendment



How long have you been writing?

I wish I could say I was one of those prodigies that picked up a pen when he was five years old and never put it down, but I’m not that guy. My first book was published only four years ago. But writing isn’t just a craft. Ideas just don’t fall from the sky; you have to experience them. In a way, I’ve been a writer my whole life. I’m only now putting my words into books.

What was the most challenging part about writing The Age of Amy: the Thumper Amendment?

There are a slew of fantasy elements sprinkled throughout this book. They are used primarily as metaphors to reinforce some aspect of the story. Conjuring up surreal situations can really put a strain on your imagination. Don’t ask me why, but the best ideas just seem to happen with no effort at all. Others have to be dredged out of your subconscious, like squeezing your brain through an orange juicer.

What do you enjoy the most about being an author?

I’ve always been a creative person. I have been a musician, a feature film animator, and even performed magic. Being an author has got to be the ultimate in artistic expression. You’re in full control with no one looking over your shoulder.

This is a series: how many books are there in it? Do you plan on writing more?

There are currently four books in the series. The first three titles have just been released as a Box set. Book# 5, The Age of Amy: Mad Dogs and Makeovers, sends Amy in search of a personality-altering shampoo, and is on track for a June, 30th release date.

About the Book

amy_thumper_imageTitle: The Age of Amy: The Thumper Amendment

Author: Bruce Edwards

Genre: YA Fiction

TEENS Win the Vote!

It’s an election year, and Congress has lowered the voting age to 14. Not one to refuse political involvement, 16-year-old Amy joins a campaign to elect the next U.S. President. Her goal isn’t only to see her candidate win, but to prevent his rival—an arrogant, profiteering sleazeball—from ever stepping foot inside the Oval Office.

Amy’s participation is also personal. The opposing candidate’s son viciously bullied her in the 3rd grade. Foiling his father’s bid for the presidency would be the perfect payback. But, there’s a problem. Her grade school offender has changed. He has grown into a kind and thoughtful (and cute) young adult. No longer able to dislike him, Amy’s hatred turns to affection. Is she falling in love?

Pinnacle Achievement Book Award, “Best Book for Young Adults.”

“Readers will appreciate Amy’s sharp wit and the overall comedy of political theater.”

“This book will be popular with those looking for a quirky love story with an exciting twist.”
   –School Library Journal

“The author does a highly credible job of displaying the incredible cost of meanness.”
   –Readers’ Favorite

Author Bio

bruce_edwardsBruce Edwards writes young adult fiction on subjects most YA authors shy away from. His award-winning The Age of Amy series explores unconventional topics—from the trappings of modern technology to the absurdity of Washington politics. Through fantasy and imagination, Bruce addresses real-world issues, as young readers enjoy a fun read.



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Book Review: Perfect Sense


Perfect SenseTitle: Perfect Sense

Author: Amanda Cowen

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Rating: A

He’s gorgeous.

He’s reckless.

And he’s every woman’s dirty fantasy in the state of California.., except one… Quinn Ashby.

Recent graduate of Penn and top of her class, Quinn is whip smart, ambitious and interning as the new marketing coordinator for the Bexley Bruisers American Hockey League team. The last thing she needs is to waste her time on guys…especially one as lethal to her focus as Cash Brooks.

But once the bad boy hockey star tempts her into his world, threatening her professional future, she’s forced to decide whether to let him into her heart…or to leave him behind forever.

Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop! This is such an amazing read. Quinn is smart, ambitious, and interning as the new marketing coordinator for a hockey league team. Last thing she needs is to waste her time on guys, but she can’t deny bad boy hockey star Cash Brooks.

The Chemistry between Cash and Quinn was off the chats! They were both pretty amazing characters, and their romance sizzled off the pages. The ending was heartbreaking though, and I’m dying to read book two.

Book Excerpt Beastly Manor



Read an Excerpt

Corbin felt the Beast’s approach, heavy footsteps like a pulse deep in the stone heart of the manor. He whirled, Da’s sword raised in defense.

“You’ve come ill-equipped.” The Beast stood just inside the threshold, against the manor door. He looked Corbin very thoroughly from head to toe and back up again. “Or improperly educated. The curse says I’m ended not by blade or stone or fire, but of a broken heart.”

Corbin didn’t waver. He studied the Beast just as assiduously as the Beast studied him. He’d expected the monster from Da’s memories – all fang and fur and wolfish claws – or even the flame-eyed devil he knew from David’s canvas. The eyes were there – yellow as the sun and so very bright – but they belonged to a dapper young man dressed in breeches and a clean white shirt beneath a dusty velvet coat. He wore his long black hair in a neat braid. His fingers were long and elegant, nails short and clean. His polite smile showed only white, even teeth against dusky skin.

Demons, Corbin knew from hours of David’s tutelage, were tricky creatures. They delighted in surprise and confusion, and fed upon a man’s terror.

“I carry an enchanted ifrit glaive,” Corbin replied evenly. “One of only four blades made sharp enough to pierce a devil’s breast.”

The Beast’s smile spread wider. He laughed.

“You’re the cheese monger’s get. You’ve his temper and his naivety.” The Beast left the door. He approached Corbin carefully, circling in and then away. “But you’re two seasons too early and although you’ve your mother’s delicate features, you’re certainly no girl. I was promised the merchant’s heir. What was her name?” He paused, head tilted, yellow eyes narrowed to burning slits. “I was promised Beauty.”

“You’ll not have Beauty,” Corbin proclaimed. “Da only let you think Beauty was the oldest. She’s not. I am, I’m the heir. And I’ve come to have your head, devil!”

“I thought it was my heart you were after,” drawled the Beast. He stopped moving no more than three paces from Corbin’s side. He didn’t stink after all. He smelled of rain on grass and the forest at dawn. Corbin could feel the heat off his skin and the uncanny warmth of his regard.

“The merchant was wiser than he appeared,” the Beast conceded. “Wise indeed. You’ll be little use to me as housekeeper, but you’re handsome enough to look upon. It happens I’m in need of a companion.”

Concubine. It was Laurie’s voice in Corbin’s head. He bristled, offended.

“I’m not yours to keep, devil! I’ve come here to kill you!”

Still smiling, the Beast lowered his chin.


Corbin was outmatched from the first feint. The demon fought not in beastly form, with tooth and claw, but with a narrow sword conjured from thin air. The clash of blades became a dance: back and forth across the foyer, up a step and then down. Corbin knew his worth as a swordsman. The Beast matched him at every turn. Corbin lunged. The Beast turned his blade. Corbin pivoted and struck out. The Beast dodged. It was apparent the devil was king in his manor house. He waltzed Corbin around and around seemingly without effort.

Minutes seemed to stretch into hours. Corbin grew weary. His arm grew heavy. For the first time since he’d entered the forest he remembered to be afraid. He’d imagined himself the hero of this tale for so long, but now he thought his bones would end up on the Beast’s dinner plate.

“Finish it!” Desperate, he swung with renewed energy. The Beast blocked him easily – once, and then once again. “Kill me and be done!”


About the Book

beastlycoverTitle: Beastly Manor

Author: Alex Hall

Genre: LGBT Fantasy

Once upon a time in a faraway land a very wealthy merchant lived on a good piece of land just west of the hamlet we now call Littleton. The merchant was blessed with luck and guile, strong bones and sharp eyes, a pretty wife of gentle spirit, and four healthy children whom he called Faith, Hope, Beauty, and Corbin.

An LGBT twist on the classic love story.

Buy the book on Amazon.

Author Bio

Alex Hall writes LGBT speculative fiction for Madison Place Press. Find out more about Alex, Beastly Manor, and Alex’s forthcoming dystopian M/M romance, The Stranded, at

Book Release: Twisted Stars



Book Excerpt


All I can see are flashes, colors and shapes…

It’s difficult to tell what’s happening. I’m in a haze. I can feel my body being pushed around like a limp rag doll.

Suddenly I’m lying on something cold and hard. My arms and legs are strapped down, then my head.

The clean prick of a hypodermic needle at the top of my spine.

Icy liquid rushing through my veins.

My back jerking off the table out of my control.

The cold pain escalates, becoming unbearable. My head feels like its being torn apart from the inside out. I strain against the straps holding me down. My bones feel like they are breaking into a million tiny pieces and then reforming again, my skin stings and itches. I pull against my restraints again, but I can’t break free.

The shapes and colors around me suddenly become frighteningly clear. My mother stands beside me, uncaring as she watches my pain, my father right beside her, his face as blank as hers.

The agony surges until my entire body is affected. The icy liquid, making my veins ache. My back arches off the table again, snapping the restraints tight. I cry out, but no one helps me.

I’m alone.

“What have you done to me?” I shout hoarsely before the darkness consumes me and I slip into peaceful unconsciousness.

When I wake I feel different. My body doesn’t feel like my own. My senses are dramatically enhanced and I feel strength surge through my muscles. I pull hard against my restraints and they break. I look down at myself and nearly scream.

What have they done?

I leap onto the first person I see, my jaws sinking into his throat. His terrified face screams soundlessly up at me. I don’t care. I rip my fangs from his throat and he drops to the ground, dead.

I swing around looking for a new victim. Something solid hits me hard on the back of the head—I go down, hitting the tiles with a thump.

The darkness consumes me once again.

When I come to again, I’m lying in a damp puddle on the floor. I feel a little dazed.

What happened? Was it all a dream?

I slowly lift myself off the wet tiles and glance down. My body is back to normal, at least. The color of the floor catches my eye. Red, blood red. Someone is screaming. I look around. My father is lying motionless on the floor, covered in blood. My mother is kneeling over him, tears falling down her face as she stares at me, horrified.

But they did this to me…

About the Book

Twisted StarsTitle: Twisted Stars

Author: Dannielle Wicks

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal

Ashlee Reynolds couldn’t be more ordinary…

While most college freshmen are partying and going on wild adventures, nineteen-year-old Ashlee just goes to classes, works, and hangs out with friends. It’d be nice to have some excitement in her life—or even better, a little romance. When her wish comes true, a midnight rendezvous lands her in the hospital…

There was this boy. Isn’t that how every spiralling downhill story begins? It’s a little strange he wants to meet her on the edge of the woods at night, but she did want to spice things up, and an unconventional date is the perfect ingredient. But when he stands her up, leaving her alone in the dark, she’s attacked by a wild animal. The next day, Ashlee wakes up in the hospital, dazed, confused, and convinced she’s gone crazy.

When strange things begin to happen, she meets Jayden Ross, who brings crazy to a whole new level…

After her seemingly random attack, other beasts of the feline and canine variety are drawn to her—and we’re not talking housecats and lapdogs. When Ashlee bumps into Jayden on campus, her immediate attraction tempts her to get closer, but he wants nothing to do with her—until he realizes she’s had an encounter with one of the others.

Ashlee learns Jayden isn’t entirely human, and nothing is what is seems.

On the run and fighting for their lives, Ashlee and Jayden weave their way through a world of powerful corporations and their secret experiments, all of which revolve around Jayden’s past—and possibly, their future.

Author Bio

DannielleWicksDannielle Wicks is the author of the Hardest Mistakes series (Broken Sunrise, Book 3, coming soon) and the Reaper Mini-Series.

Dannielle lives in Kingaroy, Australia, with her fiance, 3 dogs and a bird named Torak. Since deciding never to become an adult, she has engrossed herself in the amazing world of young adult fiction and an unusual amount of TV. She adores Disney movies and cant get enough of classic fairy tales. When she’s not busy writing, she can be found sneaking a chocolate from the fridge.



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Release Party The Guicai Talisman



About the Book

Guicai Talisman.CoverTitle: The Underground Chronicles of Babylonia Jones, PI: The Guicai Talisman

Author: A.M. Griffin

Genre: Urban Fantasy

What does a woman have to do to prove she belongs in the Undercity? Sure, I’m unclassed and only half paranormal, but that doesn’t mean I can’t solve cases. Since the established PI’s won’t acknowledge my right to a territory, I’m taking jobs from whoever will hire me, doing what I do best…proving myself to be a bad-ass problem solver. Which is how I find myself breaking into Zaid’s house, looking for a talisman my witch client says the very powerful vampire stole.

Now, I can make flowers grow, hear the wind’s whispers and talk to animals, but I don’t have the gift of seeing the future. If I did, I’d have known not to take this case. Because no matter the outcome, nothing good can come from messing with the Guicai Talisman, or it’s far too gorgeous guardian.

Cover art provided by Erik Reeves

The next book in the series…

The Lycan Job

The Lycan JobHRBeing hired by the Alpha of the Lycan pack to solve the mystery of his son’s death could make my name as a PI in the Undercity—if it doesn’t get me killed first. Not only am I looking for a perp who obviously won’t hesitate to commit murder, but even before I get working on the problem I’m being threatened. That’s not going to stop me though. Neither is interference from Zaid, the hot Vampire who keeps popping up at the most inopportune times.

Yet this turns out to be anything but a straightforward case. I’m learning more about the workings of the Undercity than ever before, and what I’m finding out is pretty ugly. It’s making me question everything I thought I knew about the Houses, and what I’m missing by not being claimed by my father. But that may well be a question I won’t get a chance to ponder, because even tapping into every ability I possess might not be enough to help me survive the Lycan Job.

Author Bio

AMGriffinA. M. Griffin is a wife who rarely cooks, mother of three, dog owner (and sometimes dog owned), a daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She’s a hard worker whose two favorite outlets are reading and writing. She enjoys reading everything from mystery novels to historical romances and of course fantasy romance. She is a believer in the unbelievable, open to all possibilities from mermaids in our oceans and seas, angels in the skies and intelligent life forms in distant galaxies.


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Release Party Bright’s Passion



About the Book

Brights Passion WEBTitle: Bright’s Passion

Author: E.B. Black

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Bright wishes he wasn’t the god of the suns.

Every day is the same: he makes the suns rise and then they set. He looks down at humanity’s corruption. He watches wars, people starving, and thieves stealing.

He can’t help. Every time he tries, the humans take something from him. They’ve destroyed his family and he has no doubt that they’d like to destroy him, too.

Adonya is a raven-haired witch with powers that make her as close to a goddess as a human can be. He’s wondered what it was like to be with a woman, but all the goddesses are dead.

He can feel it when he touches her–she’s as dangerous as all the rest of the humans. Can the power of love join their races together? Or will one of them wind up dead in the end?

Author Bio

authorphotoE.B. Black is the annoying author who lives in the head of a nerdy housewife named Elizabeth. Elizabeth tries to live out her days by walking her dog, spending time with her husband, doing housework, and watching television, but E.B. Black makes her drop everything to type out weird fantasy stories. Elizabeth is asking anyone who read this to please send help.


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Author Interview The Resistance: Leprechaun



I’m interviewing Kristyn Stone today, author of YA fantasy “The Resistance: Leprechaun”. Welcome to my blog!

Author Interview

How long have you been writing?

I have been writing creatively since my freshman year of high school. That was about thirteen years ago. Didn’t seem that long until I had to count how long ago that was!


I think the most challenging part is two things:

1) my book was based off weird dreams of my son, so when I woke I would write and just continue with the story; the challenge was readers weren’t in my dreams, they couldn’t see what I saw so I needed to make sure the story was understandable and not in a jumbled mess.

2) Editing, I couldn’t afford a professional edit so I got my family and friends to go through with a red pen ( or purple as a friend thought red was an angry color).


My favorite part about being an author, is that its my way, sounds selfish but you are constantly told this isn’t real and this can’t be possible; when I write, it’s real to me and all things are possible.


Right now I’m working on book three and maybe it will end with them and maybe it will continue with a new set of characters. I haven’t thought on how far I want it to go but little by little you learn more about the characters and their past that make it to where Garritt & his twin Baylee are today.


Yes, I have book three with a rough title of Grimm Summit; and I have one about a young fairy that I have been working on for a while as well.

About the Book

COverrl2Title: The Resistance: Leprechaun

Author: Kristyn Stone

Genre: Young Adult

When most teenagers turn sixteen they receive a car or a watch from their family but one Florida teen learns a family secret.
Garritt wakes on his sixteenth birthday to find himself as a leprechaun. Garritt must go live with family in Ireland to learn what it means to be a leprechaun. While in Ireland, he makes new friends but an evil plot against the leprechauns is revealed, sadly only Garritt and his friends can stop it.

Being a teenager is hard but being a teenage leprechaun is even harder.

Author Bio

004Kristyn Stone was born Kristyn Burkes in Pahokee Florida on April 15, 1989; she grew up in Lady Lake, Florida.

Kristyn began writing when she was twelve and continued to write after she graduated from Leesburg High School.

Now at the age of twenty-six she has self published two books in The Resistance series, she came up with the story while she was pregnant with her oldest son when she kept having strange dreams of him being a leprechaun.


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