Author Interview Violca’s Dragon



Author Interview

How long have you been writing?

I started about 7 years ago. I used to love creative writing assignments in school but it never crossed my mind to write a book until I got older.

What was the most challenging part about writing Violca’s Dragon?

Time. When I first started writing, the kids were younger so balancing out two hyper boys while writing took some creativity and determination.

What is your favorite part of being an author?

When I sign up to go to any kind of writer meetups or conferences, I can stalk my favorite authors. Plus, since most of them are for romance writers…I get to be in a room full of people that have my same sense of humor.

Will this book be part of a series?

Violca’s Dragon is the first book in The Dragon Ruby Series

Do you have any works in progress you’re working on?

I currently have one that I am working on and another one that I am playing around with.

About the Book

Cover PicTitle: Violca’s Dragon

Author: Leilani Love

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Violca Grey knows life can change instantly. Two years after her parents’ sudden death, Violca is left raising her four younger sisters. She doesn’t realize that their lives are all in danger from something that may not be human.
Chase Reed knows the Grey sisters possibly hold the key to his fate. He is determined to get close, protect them and bring them to his Dragon King.

Together, Chase and Violca not only have to protect their families—they also have to fight against their rising feelings for each other. But what Violca doesn’t know is that once a dragon decides he wants something, there is no stopping him from getting it.

Author Bio

Author PicLeilani Love is a proud mother of two very active boys. She loves traveling to new places and meeting new people where ever she goes. Thus far, Leilani has traveled to Paris, DenBosch and Amsterdam with hopes to one day visit again. On her next trip, she hopes to be able to make stops in Scotland and Italy. Currently residing in California, Leilani has also lived in Hawaii, Florida, Alaska, Virginia, Texas, Washington and Oregon. She loves to read books and has a passion for various genres. Her love affair with dragons began when she was young, yet, she still fantasizes of having her own dragon and Black Panther. For now, she is content to write about them in her books.

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