Book Review We Never Left You


Native Cover_5575821_Front CoverTitle: We Never Left You

Authors: Beth and Rick Olsen

Genre: Non-Fiction / Memoir / Inspirational

Rating: A+

After unspeakable tragedy, one couple must forge their own path to healing in the bittersweet true story, We Never Left You.

One moment, Beth and Rick Olsen were enjoying an ordinary life filled with all the joys and frustrations of raising their two children, Jessica and Joshua. The next moment, a drunk driver plowed through a red light at eighty miles per hour, hitting their van and changing everything.

The death of both their children launched Beth and Rick down a long and winding path toward simple survival—and eventual healing. As shock gave way to the cruel reality of their loss, they began receiving messages that proved the existence of life after death—a welcome sign that aided them in moving forward.

The Olsens soon attempted traditional healing methods but quickly found that counseling did nothing to help them get a grasp on their monumental loss. They then turned to nontraditional approaches—a decision that led them to Peru. It was there they finally began to undergo the immense physical, mental, and emotional changes that allowed them to understand everything—including the accident—happens for a reason.

What a heartbreaking yet inspirational memoir. Beth and Rick Olsen go through the worst tragedy imaginable. Their two children die, because of a drunk driver. This tragedy brings both of them on a long, difficult path to healing. They received some messages from the beyond that helped them move forward after this horrible ordeal. They went on a journey to Peru, where they learned to heal and understand everything happens for a reason, even things this terrible.

This book was a very emotional read for me. I had to blink away tears just about every other page. Anyone who has faced a terrible loss, be it a child, parent, or other close relative or friend, should read this book. You’ll cry – guaranteed – but it’ll help. Promise.


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