Author Interview The Ivory Staff



1.) How long have you been writing?

I’ve been creative writing for as long as I can remember–poems and stories as well as songs.  As a quiet kid growing up, writing was and is the easiest way for me to truly express my thoughts.

2.) What was the most challenging about writing The Ivory Staff?

Writing the novel itself was actually the easiest part of this entire process.  Re-reading is always a little tough on the offset; however, once I get into the groove, it’s quite enjoyable.  Finding a publisher or agent is always the most difficult leg of the journey; though like resumes, volume and endurance seem to often win the battle.

3.) What do you enjoy the most about being an author?

Apart from being able to create worlds, concepts, ideas in my head and write them down in a creative manner, the most rewarding aspect has been sharing The Ivory Staff with others, receiving positive and even negative feed back and listening to the conversations the novel has brought forth.

4.) Is this book part of a series?If so, will there be more books in the series?

At the moment I do not have future Ivory Staff books in the works; however, I have left that option open.

5.) Do you have any works in progress you’re working on? 

Yes! Currently I am working on a second work, a series–a Contemporary New Adult Speculative Fiction that I’m extremely excited about.  It just feels good to write.  To create. To world build and character develop.  Spewing forth tons of random creation!  I can’t seem to type fast enough!

About the Book

The ivory staff book coverTitle: The Ivory Staff

Author: M. Lachi

Genre: New Adult Fantasy

How was young Samiyah to know that her simple grace, wit, and beauty—exceptional traits given her peasant class—would land her in the middle of a chessboard of high-level political turmoil or that the love that blinds politics, the hate that blinds brotherhood, and the lust that blinds love would flip that chessboard on its side? Rife with passionate dialog, edgy suspense, and epic conflict, this Dark Fairy Tale follows our heroine as she journeys to heal a nation broken by the internal prejudices of class warfare, armed with nothing but stark determination.

Author Bio

M. Lachi is a published author and an award nominated songwriter and composer. Her resume includes features on Oprah Radio, CBS Radio, The CW, Oxygen, and the E! and Style Networks among others. M. Lachi lives in New York City and enjoys reading, composing and catching live performances.


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