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I’m hosting a guest post today about a typical day of writing in the life of author Trev Brown. Please welcome the author. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.

A typical day of writing

            I feel that writing is an honourable vocation and not a vacation. Either you are a writer or you are not. As with any other honourable job you need to set yourself a start time and a ‘knock off’ time. As you are mainly self employed, you yourself get to set these times. Firstly, I take into consideration the climate. In a sub-tropical climate such as Queensland, I like to start early and finish early. In summer a six am start and work straight through to one pm. All I have is a couple of coffees along the way and then reward myself with a lunch as the temperature rises.

            The writing process does not stop there because it is during the siesta period that you contemplate what you are going to write the next day. Sometimes I may jot down a few key ideas, but I feel it is important to move away from the computer, and do anything else, even housework.

In a more temperate climate I usually stay in bed a little longer, especially in winter. On average about three times a week, I take myself for a half hour walk half way through the morning. This is usually the extent of my exercise.

            Presently I am not writing at all. I am building a self-contained dwelling on what I hope will be a self-sustaining farm so I can once again focus on my writing.

About the Book

9781742845227_FrontTitle: Unbelievable

Author: Trev Brown

Genre: Action / Adventure

Starting in the 1970s, an adventure which follows the trials and tribulations of a young guy trying to make an improvement in his nation’s agricultural and industrial initiatives. He finds that good things can happen from bad, and bad things can happen from good. The story contains an underlying indigenous theme.

Author Bio

At age 59, this book was started over 20 years ago. Now a retired teacher and full time carer of an invalid father residing in Forster NSW. When the book was being written, the thought of a musical came to mind. With a little help from his friends, the author completed the musical in 2003. The cost of publication has always been a worry. His second book “Trolling For Sharks” was released on Keeaira Press in 2005.


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