Book Review Nation of Enemies


Nation of EnemiesTitle: Nation of Enemies

Author: H.A. Raynes

Genre: Thriller

Rating: A

It’s all about the genetics. DNA. Black & white.

A decade ago the U.S. government mandated that all citizens be issued biochips containing all of their medical information and an ID number indicating a person’s health. Then they made the information public—the implications of which are wide-spread and devastating.

Now on the eve of the 2032 presidential election, the country is deeply divided and on the brink of civil war. But as the two major political parties face off, innocent Americans are dying at the hands of masked terrorists. When the Liberty Party’s presidential nominee is assassinated in a highly-coordinated, masterful attack, it sets off a chain of events that will change the course of history and leave America’s inalienable rights—life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness—dangling on the precipice of extinction.


Wow. Just wow. Nation of Enemies is a non-stop action-packed rollercoaster set in a bleak and dreary future. In 2032, all people have a biochip that contains all their medical information and an ID number indicating their health. This created a whole new class-based system, with upper class being the healthiest individuals, and sick individuals are seen as lower class. With the country divided and on the brink of a civil war, and facing upcoming presidential elections, terrorists run wild, human rights are at stake, and it might be up to some lone individuals to save the day.

I enjoyed every single second of this. The author had a great concept and executed it wonderfully. An amazing read.


2 thoughts on “Book Review Nation of Enemies

  1. Again, so pleased with the fact you enjoyed NOE. Would you be so kind as to leave me/it a review on either/or Amazon or goodreads? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!


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