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I’m interviewing Marc Johnson today, author of YA Fantasy “Reawakening”. Enjoy!

How long have you been writing?

A long time. Since I was about 7 or 8.

What was the most challenging part about writing Reawakening?

Finishing it. I had to rewrite the first half because of the changes my editor suggested. As you can imagine, that was excruciating fun. I believed it turned out better for it since people have told me it was better than the previous book, which was better than the first book. So no pressure for the fourth book.

What is your favorite part of being an author?

The women, fame, and money, of course. Just kidding. Those things don’t exist when you’re an author. It’s more like loneliness, anxiety, and nervousness. My favorite part is that I can finally get all the crazy ideas out of my head. It’s the cheapest way to do so and I don’t have to rely on anyone to help either. If I wanted to make a movie or do a comic, I would need other people. Coincidentally, I do want to do both of those things.

Did you know this book would be a series when you started writing?

No. I was only 13 when I started it, and it was meant to be a short story. At least twice a year, I would rewrite it and it would get longer and longer. Eventually, it became a book. When that happened, I realized I had more of Hellsfire’s story to tell and that’s when the world I created became alive to me.

Do you have any works in progress you’re working on?

Not currently. I tend to take a month off after I finish a book. Also, after every Hellsfire book, I like to stretch my wings and write something else. It’s usually a short story. I have an idea for one, but this time it might be a novella. It’s a shame my short stories don’t sell, but I still love doing them no matter how weird they tend to be. This next one will be about a young woman who’s able to slip into other people’s bodies. She doesn’t realize it, but it starts to drive her crazy.

About the Book

Reawakening ebook CoverTitle: Reawakening (The Passage of Hellsfire, Book 3)

Author: Marc Johnson

Genre: YA Fantasy

To undo a mistake made a thousand years in the past, the wizard Hellsfire used his magic to bring down the Great Barrier that once divided the northern and southern lands. In doing so, he nearly brought war to his own homeland, and he afflicted the love of his life, Princess Krystal of Alexandria, with a potent and deadly curse.

Since then, Hellsfire has been working in Tyree with its Elemental Council, to rebuild its war-torn land and find a way to break Krystal’s curse. Now Krystal’s time is running out. As the princess fights for her life, Hellsfire learns that the wizard responsible for the curse—his old enemy Premier—is heading to the Burning Sands to steal the mysterious Jewel of Dakara.

If Hellsfire can capture Premier and learn the secret of the curse, he can save Krystal. But the Jewel of Dakara holds its own deadly secrets, and the hunt will take Hellsfire farther than he ever imagined, and cost him more than he bargained for.

The past is never gone nor buried…


Author Bio

Marc - PicardMarc Johnson has moved a lot since his parents divorced when he was two. He also can’t answer a straight question and has developed a taste for sarcastic wit over the years. Probably also for the same reason.

He hasn’t won any awards, but he does have a deep knowledge of Transformers, Star Trek, and The Twilight Zone–his top three geeky loves. He writes because he loves stories and hopes to one day have written something successful as a movie, TV show, comic, book, magazine, and play.

Marc Johnson also loves to game, whether it be video, card, or board. He loves to test his mind in the challenges they bring…until the zombie, alien, or robot apocalypse comes.







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