Book Review The Last War


Last War Cover HQTitle: The Last War

Author: Alex Davis

Genre: Science-Fiction

Born from the genius of the Animex, the aliens of the Noukari seek to gain a foothold on a savage planet. But the greatest danger to their existence lies within them – a powerful gift of telepathy.

As the tension grows between idolatry and admiration of their creators, and the Noukari come to understand the latent powers within their own minds, a species created for peace are about to succumb to brutal violence.
In a galaxy torn by conflict, will the first battle between the Noukari also be their last war?

“The Last War is a remarkable study of reason and faith, morality and practicality, pragmatism and idealism. With sharp, unfussy prose, Alex Davis draws the reader into an endearing nascent civilisation, and then takes it apart before our eyes. Unpredictable, challenging and rewarding.” Gav Thorpe, New York Times Bestselling author of Angels of Darkness Deliverance Lost.

The aliens of Noukari try to survive on a savage planet, growing their communiy and civilisation. Unfortunately the greatest danger to their very existence comes from within themselves. Their survival is threatened when two strains of thoughts clash: those who believe in the divinity in their creators, and those who believe in a more pragmatic morality and existence, a clash between faith and reason.

An intriguing look into the birth of a civilization and the struggles they have to overcome. The characters were remarkable and the writing was solid. The pace takes a little while to pick up, but I enjoyed the book and look forward to reading more books by this author.


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