Book Review Tempted by Pleasure


Tempted by Pleasure LargeTitle: Tempted by Pleasure (Secret Invitation Part One)

Author: Devon Hart

Genre: Erotica

Rating: A

Buy: Amazon

Welcome to a game of risk and indiscretion.

The prize: a night of passion.

The price: your silence.

Nothing exciting happens to someone like me. I live between the lines, only dreaming about breaking the rules. My chance at love disappeared the night I left home to escape my old life.

Eight years later, I never expected that “old life” to resurface in my bookstore.

Foster Wagner is the type of man most women would crawl through fire or broken glass to possess. And judging by the way he’s staring, that danger goes both ways.

I’m in trouble.

Note: Part Two will be released soon.

Erin finally rebelled against her parents who wanted to push her into an arranged marriage, and this rebellion made her lose her chance at love, or so she thinks. She’s made a new life for herself, has her own book store and things are looking up in every aspect of life except for love…until Foster Wagner, her long lost love, walks into her bookstore.

Hot, sensual, sizzling, this is a spicy and fast read told from the alternating POV of Foster and Erin. Despite focusing on the erotic element, there’s an actual plot too and by the end of the book I felt like I got to know the main characters well.


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