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Book Excerpt

Dark Hearts

“Wanna play a game?” She bit her lip shyly after asking.

“I don’t know if I can stand it,” Mitch responded. He wanted to crawl all over her and was barely controlling his inner beast as it was. Every second was agony. Especially after the kiss that was more intoxicating than any of the liquor he’d drank that evening.

“You can. Call it an exercise in control.” She giggled.

            “Okay. What do you wanna play?”


            “Truth or dare?”

            “Nope, just truth. If you don’t answer, you have to take a shot. Deal?”


            “I go first. What are your parents like?”

            “Um, my father’s dead. A Seeker killed him. My mother lives with the pack and is very overprotective since his death.” The pain of that fact threatened to bubble to the surface. Mitch caught it before it could overcome him and pressed it neatly down into his internal backpack of bad shit that had happened to him and his family because of who they were.

“Seekers hunt your kind too?” Her eyes softened in the warm glow of the candle.

“Nuh uh. My turn. Are you close to your father since . . . he’s a demon?”

She rolled her eyes, the pain in them so evident, Mitch could hardly stand it.

            “I’ll drink,” she said. Instead of picking up her cup, she drank straight from the bottle.

            “Okay. Your turn then,” he said. Mitch leaned onto his side, watching her. With her every action, his attraction grew more and more.

            “So again, Seekers hunt your kind, too?” she pressed on.

            “Yes. The pack moves every now and then, but as we’ve learned to hunt down their kind, the attacks are growing fewer,” he responded. “Are you evil?”

“I think we’re all evil to a certain degree. I just have a little harder time controlling mine,” she said.

“Let’s go a little lighter. What’s your major,” he asked.

“Theology. Ironic, right?”

“A little. Mind if I ask you why? It doesn’t seem like you’d want to study religion.”

“Call it curious. It helps me understand all this. It’s hard to be a demon estranged from other demons and not be curious, you know? Are you tired of playing this game?” she asked, her eyes somehow flashing him in the darkness beneath lowered lids.

Aurora stood before him, slipping her dress from her body. She stood in front of him in a black lace bra with her firm tits spilling from their cups and a pair of matching lace panties. He could see the print of her vulva protruding, the split of her making him hard.

“Yeah, you could say that,” he said, his voice barely recognizable to his own ears.

About the Book

received_10204513707937451.jpegTitle: Falling Hard

Authors: Aliza Mann and Heather Novak

Genre: Paranormal  (New Adult Anthology)

From sweet & heartfelt to steamy & spicy, FIVE brand new college campus novellas filled with alpha heroes and tenacious heroines for every romance reader.

This anthology is intended for mature readers, 18 years of age and older.

FORBIDDEN: FRESHMAN YEAR (An Erotic Suspense Novella) by Shelly Bell

A BDSM romance between a professor and his student turns deadly…

It was only supposed to have been one night of passion, but when Professor Tristan Kelley and freshman Isabella Larsen meet again in the classroom, they’ll jeopardize everything to be together…including their lives.

TIN MAN’S DANCE (A New Adult Novella) by MK Schiller

If he only had a heart…

Former marine James Hutchinson thought they might have amputated his heart right along with his right leg. That is, until he sees Lilly Franklin dance. In a crazy ploy to meet her, he steals her front row concert seat… but it’s only fair since she stole his heart first.

DARK HEARTS (A Paranormal New Adult Novella) by Aliza Mann

Dark secrets, hidden lives…

While struggling to contain the beast within, Mitchell Rowland imprints on the beautiful and mysterious Aurora Tanner. With Mitch’s dangerous lycan secret and Aurora’s demon father out to kill her, they must band together to fight against the very things that could ultimately keep them apart.


HIGH STAKES (A New Adult Novella) by Sage Spelling

Betting on Seduction . . .

When rich boy, college jock Blake Holland wagers to seduce the sexy librarian Catalina Vega, he never anticipated the gamble would cost not only his pride… but also his heart.


When the person you must destroy is your soul mate…

Witch hunter Grayson Lynch must make the devastating choice between condemning his brother to death or destroying the forbidden love of his life: a witch.

Author Bios

Aliza Mann

 Aliza Mann has always known she wanted to be an author. It wasn’t until she was two business degrees in and enjoying a long career in healthcare that she realized she wanted to do it for a living. With submission of a historical paranormal short story to an online journal, and the subsequent publication, she hasn’t stopped spinning tales and being carried away on wings fueled by her imagination since.

 These days, she writes paranormal, urban fantasy and contemporary romance. Most days, she has no idea of what may end up on the blank pages in front of her. What she does know is she wouldn’t trade it for a thing.

 Residing in Michigan with her two children and dear beau, she enjoys reimagining all of her friends’ lives, spouting Hemingway quotes because it makes her feel smart, and visiting local distilleries. Otherwise, you’ll find her writing.

Heather Novak

Heather Novak Press photo 1Young Adult and New Adult author Heather Novak is in an open relationship…with the love of her life and the fictional characters in her head. After deciding her expensive film/screenwriting degree from Wayne State University should be used to make the world smile, she started writing Happily Ever Afters with a preternatural twist! (Don’t worry, she had to look up that word, too). Focusing on powerful imagery and emotional storytelling – you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll laugh so hard you’ll cry.

 Heather resides in Metro Detroit with the love of her life and several imaginary (and hypoallergenic) pets. She strongly supports the use of sarcasm and the Oxford Comma.








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