Book Review: Why Women Cheat by Daniel Gray


ebookcoverfinalTitle: Why Women Cheat: Confessions of a Pickup Artist

Author: Daniel Gray

Genre: Non-Fiction / Relationships

Rating: B

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Why do women keep falling for pickup artists?  I’ve seen it with my own eyes many times.  I’ve witnessed the inner transformation take place right in front of their significant others; unbeknownst to them.  it’s as if I, and people like me, exist in an alternate universe; like the Matrix.

This book is about:

*Lifting the veil of pickup artistry.

*Informing women about the most popular tactics.

*Teaching attached men how to use these tactics on their own women.

In truth, such a subject is difficult to explain in words.  Many guys, including myself, spend thousands of dollars to learn directly from someone who knows.  I attempt to bridge that gap with three anonymous female writers from around the world.  They are informative and entertaining.

After reading this book, women will have a clearer understanding about what motivates them, and men will recognize that unknown thing that has escaped them their entire lives.  Men and women, single or attached will find this book eye opening.

What are you waiting for?  Don’t you want to know why women cheat?

Why Women Cheat: Confessions of a Pickup Artist investigates why women cheat, like the title suggests. The book has its strong points, and its weak points. It focuses mostly on why women would cheat, rather than showing pick-up artists or men in general how to convince women to cheat, which was a good thing. It explores reasons behind why women cheat, like emotional safety or lack thereof, lack of being understood by their significant others, and much more. The book offers some interesting points, and points that aren’t all that bad.

I did figure out more about why women cheat now. I do still think pick up artists are bad, and in general, I’d want to stay away from them. But they’re good at giving women something they’ve been lacking for most of their lives: they make it about them, they give them confidence, they’re interesting, behave well, and they never treat a woman bad, and those – among others – are reasons why women fall for them over and over again. As such, the book is a good lesson for society and men in general. If they took up even some of these tricks, they wouldn’t have to worry about their significant other running off with someone else.

But on the other hand the book sometimes seems to simplify things and acts like women come from a different planet. Rest assured men are as easily seduced as women are, by the female counterpart of these pick up artists.



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