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I’m interviewing Barry K. Nelson, author of “Obliteration”, a science-fiction novel for this tour.

How long have you been writing?

It will be going on 17 years now.

What was the most challenging part about writing Obliteration?

Creating a big enough story when I can introduce several new characters. To deal with this challenge I had to split this current story into two separate books.

What is your favorite part of being an author?

Holding an actual book that I created in my hand. As well as creating my own universe with my own characters. And when you consider how books and stories have endured over the years you’re actually holding something that will be here long after you’re gone.

Is this book part of a series? If so, will there be more books in the series?

Obliteration is the third book in my science fiction series. I’m planning to so a total of 30 books.

Do you have any works in progress you’re working on?

I’m currently working on the forth book in my series. The title will be Maximum Deevor. McKenzie Files Book Four.

About the Book

PROOF-McKenzie3Obliteration-Cover6x9_BW_230-page-0Title: Obliteration

Author: Barry K. Nelson

Genre: Science-Fiction

The three reprogrammed Brelac Reploids forming the special team Silencers still faithfully serve the United Protectorate under the watchful monitoring of the Central Intelligence Division. Stationed on Maseklos Prime, Colin McKenzie, Diane Christy, and Kelly Lytton are called to a hostage scene and end up with clues that lead to the elusive Dr. Arthur Trevors. Although initially a traitor who worked undercover with the Brelac, Trevors was in large part responsible for the capture and reprogramming of Colin, Diane, and Kelly so they could serve their current function as weapons for the Protectorate. The war with the Brelac is not going well, and the Silencers are given an advanced warp-drive ship and sent beyond their home quadrant, Poseidon, to the last known coordinates of a missing ship. Their mission is to locate the missing ship, part of an original task force of five ships sent out to find other human colonies and enlist their help with the war against the Brelac. As soon as Colin and his team leave the quadrant, they run into trouble, and things go downhill from there. They find themselves in the midst of a war between local factions on a planet far from home and feel obliged to aid the human faction against a clearly superior force that seems to have help from a monster who leaves a wake of death and destruction wherever it goes. The more they find out, the weirder things get, and they end up stranded with no way home, much less any hope of completing their original mission to find the lost task force ship. This new enemy they face seems invincible, and they wonder if they’ll survive as everything and everyone around them is destroyed. Maybe this time not even their Reploid powers will save them. But what other hope does humanity have?

Author Bio

101A Pennsylvania native, Barry K. Nelson has attended college and has worked at a variety of jobs, including retail and the corporate environment. Barry enjoys reading and gardening and is a fan of science fiction and horror movies, Marvel comic collecting, and the X-box 360.

Barry has written short stories, and his first book in the science fiction series, The McKenzie Files, is soon to be followed by a sequel, Assassination Anxiety.

Barry is a member of Ning and Goodreads, can be found on Facebook, and can also be reached through Penumbra Publishing.






Book Review The Secrets of Yashire


unnamedTitle: The Secrets of Yashire

Author: Diamante Lavendar

Genre: YA Fantasy

The Secrets of Yashire: Emerging From the Shadows is a young adult fantasy adventure that occurs within the framework of a young girl’s subconscious mind. The main character, Brianna, finds herself thrown into a world called Yashire where she is forced to deal with circumstances that are threatening Yashire’s existence. Against her will, she is sent on a journey to restore unconditional love back to the land while also contending with the evil force in the land, Zolan. Brianna is sent on her mission by Libban, Keeper of the Land. Along the way, Brianna travels with the mystical tiger, Angelos; a huge, whitish-tan tiger with thick black stripes who sings only the purest songs of love, and the wondrous little one-eyed bird named Abiba. During the journey, Brianna is also preparing to meet her soulmate—the one she longs to be with and the one who will bring complete healing back into her life. Together they travel through fantastic lands filled with magical creatures that could only exist in the wildest of imaginations. Through her treacherous brushes with danger and heartwarming experiences of love and acceptance, Brianna discovers many things. It is here, amidst the powers and phantasms of the mind that Brianna receives life lessons and virtues to help her. Will one of her greatest triumphs be achieved as she learns to believe in herself? For only then can she truly see all of the wondrous things that life has to offer.

The Secrets of Yashire focuses on Brianna, who finds herself thrown into the world of Yashire where she has to go on a journey to restore love back to the land while fighting an evil source. Although this sounds reminiscent of other fantasy stories, this book manages to be more introspective, focusing more on Brianna’s thoughts and feelings. The author is creative and comes up with these amazing fantasy worlds that Brianna visits. The book also shares some life lessons, and I think it would be appropriate for both middle graders and young adult readers.

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About The Book

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00071]Title: A Taylor-Made Love

Author: Kary Rader

Genre: New Adult Romance

When fate spares your life, your destiny is always love

Twenty-year-old widow and cancer survivor Taylor Smith-Taylor is running her late husband’s billion-dollar gaming business because she’s made a vow to keep TME—and Gavin’s memory—alive. But she’s falling hard for her sexy attorney Brad Richards, and it’s not just their professional connection that has her tied in knots.

When Taylor’s new idea takes off, she relies on Brad to help. Using company funds to back the innovative project, they begin a tumultuous affair and a multi-million dollar negotiation that could dominate the market or put the company in jeopardy.

As the corporate dealings escalate, their volatile relationship leaves their priorities more tangled than their bed sheets, and a fatal accounting error divides them, putting the company on the brink of bankruptcy. Brad pushes Taylor to embrace her idea, and him, by selling TME—a decision that, for her, goes deeper than money. When she refuses, it seems easier for both to walk away, and only a perspective from the grave can help her realize her future comes down to one choice: the love she’ll lose or the love she’ll make.

Praise for A Taylor-Made Life

WINNER of the 2014 RomCon Reader’s Choice Award

FINALIST in the 2015 EPIC (Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition) eBook Awards

Seven years ago while I was pregnant with my youngest child, my husband was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma cancer. He went through surgery, chemo and was pronounced cancer-free two weeks before my son Brady was born. I never dealt with those emotions I experienced while he was sick. There wasn’t time. But three years ago when a friend’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer, all of them came flooding back. As a result, I wrote A Taylor-Made Life.

A Taylor-Made Life became an Amazon Bestseller and I’ve received letters from all over the world (e.g.UK, France, Uganda) saying how the story has touched hearts. It has a 4.21 Goodreads average with over 400 ratings and recently won the 2014 RomCon Reader’s Choice Award. The story is a finalist in the 2015 Electroinc Publishing Industy Coalition’s (EPIC) eBook Award. ATML also won several RWA chapter contests. It continues to touch people with its special message.

“A Taylor-Made Life is one of the best books I’ve read this year and it’s not one I’ll soon forget… Taylor and Gavin stole my heart and my breath, and I wasn’t ready to let them go.” – Nikki Barrett, Storm Goddess Book Reviews

“Beautifully written, and I would dare anyone not to cry….. Gavin and Taylor have such depth and emotion, it’s hard not to fall in love with them. These two characters will remain in my memory forever.” – Melissa Limoges, Insert Clever Quip Here Book Reviews

“6 Stars, 2 full boxes of Kleenex…Beautiful!” – a.c. Mason, bestselling author

“Kary Rader is a wonderful new voice in New Adult fiction. Taylor-Made is a must-read.”– Jill Limber, author and editor, Boroughs Publishing Group

Author’s Bio

Kary Rader is a part-time Twitter sage, stay-at-home mother of three, and slave to the characters and worlds inside her head. Always creative, she’s drawn to stories with fantastical worlds and creatures. With a little bit of magic and divine guidance, there isn’t anything that can’t be accomplished with words. It’s the power of words that creates and destroys. Vanquishing evil and injustice while finding eternal love in the process is all in a day’s work. With the help of her critique partners and master cartographer imaginary places come to life.



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Book Review Eye of the Storm: Eilida’s Tragedy


ETS LatestTitle: Eye of the Storm: Eilida’s Tragedy (Book 1 in the Ruthless Storm Trilogy)

Author: Elle Klass

Genre: Paranormal Suspense

A disturbance at her neighbor’s house piques Eilida’s curiosity. What she discovers is so shocking it sends her running through the mountainous woods during a thunderstorm. She slips on the wet ground, plummets down Mount Wilde, and slams into a large boulder beside River Freedom. Eilida is transported to Lyden, where Sunshine, a receptionist at the local paper becomes engrossed in her story. The further Sunshine delves into Eilida’s life the more entangled their lives become. Paranormal events, frightening dreams, and terror filled memories draw the women together into an unthinkable web of horror.

Although she’s supposed to meet up with friends, Eilida’s curiosity leads her to investigate a disturbance at her neighbors house. But what she finds there shocks her so much that she runs out into a thunderstorm and gets herself injured. Partially told from EIlida’s POV and from Sunshine’s POV, a receptionist at the local paper who becomes interested in Eilida’s story, the book tells a story of paranormal suspense that combines originality and great writing into a surprisingly scary and engaging story.

I liked Sunshine, and Eilida, and the focus on fear of storms. As I’m afraid of storms too, this connected well with me. The story is fast-paced and I read it in one sitting.

Book Excerpt from Friends’ Experience



Book Excerpt

When I walked in the door, Sam was waiting for me. He took me in his arms, lifting me from the floor, and spinning us around. When he put me back down, we kissed each other deeply. “Happy anniversary, Kelly.” It was hard to believe that it had already been a year since our first lunch together.

            Sam asked, “So what would you like to do this afternoon, before we go to dinner?”

            “I wouldn’t mind getting relaxed in the sauna, for a while.” Sam nodded, accepting my suggestion immediately and, taking me by the hand, he led me downstairs. We undressed in the shower room, and stepped into the warm, cedar-scented chamber. We laid out our towels, and sat on the upper bench, as we listened to the flames of the heater starting up, and the rocks on the top of the heater crackling.

            I leaned over and gave Sam a peck on the lips. “So, what do you remember about our first lunch, at the bistro?”

            Sam scratched his head and smiled, “Well, my strongest vision is of you crossing the street, as I looked out the window from the corner table. Your long hair was swinging back and forth, and there was energy – vitality – in your steps, as you ran across the street. And then, as you approached the table, I saw your smile, your sparkling eyes, the smooth skin of your face. You were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen … and you still are.” Sam leaned over and kissed me, our mouths opening, and tongues doing a familiar dance.

            Then, Sam continued, “And, I remember you telling me things. Like how your boyfriends never satisfied you, although one of them had spanked you.” We were both chuckling. After all the spanking we’d done in the past year, I hardly remembered that I’d told Sam about that insignificant event.

            Sam said, “And you said that you wanted adventure, experimentation, … and ‘rough’ sex.” Now, Sam frowned. “Actually, this is the first time in a year that I’ve remembered that part. We’ve had a little adventure,” Sam smiled at me, “and quite a bit of ‘experimentation’ … but I don’t think I’ve ever given you what you asked for that day: ‘rough’ sex.”

            Sam was shaking his head, “Of course, I’ve spanked you and then helped you have an orgasm, or made love to you afterward, but I’ve always viewed sex as something that should be caring and loving, not something that should be coarse or adversarial; although I’m aware that some women have rape fantasies. And you had your pirate fantasy – not exactly rape, but the way you described it, pretty rough before the pirate finally had his way with you.”

            I was nodding. And Sam had done a good job of role-playing the pirate scene during my birthday party, even dragging me by my hair. But, as he’d said, he never really treated me rough during sex.

            Sam gave me the evil eye, and said, “Maybe, I should make it up to you … and have some rough sex with you this afternoon?”

            That sounded like it could be interesting; something different than we’d done. Which was amazing, as it seemed that we had ‘done’ almost everything, over the past year. My mind filled with a blur of images from our ‘playing’ together.

            We laughed, and I maneuvered myself so that my legs were around Sam, one between him and the cedar paneling of the sauna, and the other across his lap. Then, I put my arms around him, and we kissed – much more seriously this time.

            When we came up for air, Sam chuckled, and asked, “So what do you remember, from our first lunch together?”

            It was hard to believe, but thinking back, I actually remembered most of our discussion during lunch being about biotech and genetic engineering, my school plans and career choices. But there were quite a few things I remembered about Sam, and our discussion after we’d finished eating.

            “Well, I remember how handsome you were, although you seemed a little stiff.” Sam cocked his head, and I added, “Until you told me how beautiful you thought I was, and that you wanted to make passionate love to me.” I was laughing, now, remembering bits of our conversation.

            Sam was indignant, “I never said anything like that!” He folded his arms across his chest, in a defensive posture.

            As I laughed, I said, “Yes, you did, Sam. You told me you were heterosexual, but then said we would probably never have sex.” Sam squinted his eyes, and I could tell his brain was searching its databanks for memories of our discussion.

            “You then told me there were a lot of things that two people could do that didn’t involve sex, and you said that you were interested in ‘fetishes’. You wanted to share fantasies, and said you would propose how we might play together.”

            Sam was shaking his head again. “That seems pretty ‘forward’ of me, for the first time we got together. I didn’t really come on to you that aggressively, did I?”

            I nodded, “Actually, Sam, you did. You were pushing pretty hard. At the time, I found it amusing, and just thought you were trying to demonstrate your openness. I didn’t really think we would actually do anything together. But, I was intrigued to hear about your fantasies, especially after you said I might think you were ‘psycho’.”

            As the rocks on the sauna heater crackled, Sam wiped the sweat from his brow; it was now, getting hot in here. “It’s amazing that I didn’t scare you off, telling you all that.”

            I chuckled, “Well, you probably would have scared off most women. But I took it as a challenge.” Now I laughed, and droplets of sweat flew from the tip of my nose, “I guess you’ve given me a lot of ‘challenges’, since then.”

About The Book

Cover Friends FRONT 150509Title: Friends’ Experience

Author: Simone Freier

Genre: Erotic Romance

Beyond 50 Shades … Way Beyond!

 FRIENDS’ EXPERIENCE is an intimate exploration of kinks and fetishes by an unlikely couple, with thoughtful and philosophical discussion by the characters, and graphic descriptions of their erotic adventures.

 Kelly and Sam continue to expand their sexual horizons by including Kelly’s open-­‐minded friends in their fetish play. As Kelly learns more about her past and sets her sights on the future, Sam grows in his acceptance of gay and bisexual relationships. After Kelly and her friends give Sam a memorable birthday party, Sam designs a submission challenge for them. The friends bring their own spirit and enthusiasm to the session, surprising Sam and Kelly with their openness. The event becomes a competition, as Kelly’s friends cope with more and more outrageous experiences. The group learns that each of Kelly’s friends has her limits.

The Experiences series is an epic love story of erotic relationships and sexual desires. Written in a ‘literary realism’ style, the series introduces Sam in the prequel, and the blossoming of his intimate relationship with Kelly as the series progresses. Fantasies and real-­‐world adventures coalesce to mold a unique bond between unlikely lovers.   Where needs are mutually satisfied in an open, creative and trusting environment.   Where physical and mental boundaries are pushed. Where the concepts of love and sex are never confused, but sometimes confusing. Where openness is required and intimacy is expected. And where fair-­‐is-­‐fair, regarding the punishment of transgressions.

Contemporary erotic romance: Suitable for mature readers, aged 18+ years.

Experiences: Book 6 is 120,000 words, 15 chapters, 390 print pages

Acclaim for Simone Freier and the EXPERIENCES series:

“Fun, intense, sexually erotic”

“It is quite a tale and a very good read that explores an intimate topic” “The writing is well-­‐done, engaging, and erotic”

“The characters are rich & believable, while the eroticism is thick & lush” “Freier writes some incredibly powerful scenes”

“I have enjoyed this whole series and don’t want it to end” “The desire crawls out of the pages and into my mind” “Steams up the pages -­‐ very sensual and erotic” “Unexpectedly thoughtful and intensely passionate” “Simone Freier has an intoxicating way with words”

“Fifty shades greyer in this deep look at sexual explorations” “I have enjoyed this whole series and don’t want it to end” “Fine writing from an author who knows her genre”


This work contains mature content, including graphic sexual descriptions and scenes, and is provided for adults only. The Experiences series contains scenes of psychological and physical submission, discipline, and medical fetish. The characters explore various fetishes, which evolve throughout the series. ALL CHARACTERS IN THE BOOK ARE 21 YEARS OLD OR OLDER, and all activities are consensual.


About The Author

An adventuress and traveler, Simone is a sensual being who loves to read stories that excite her.  She takes exception to authors who promote their works as ‘dirty’, ‘filthy’, or ‘smutty’:  She believes that sex is wonderful in all of its incarnations, and doesn’t shy away from graphic descriptions of realistic sexual experiences, no matter how messy.  Her writing is mainly in the ‘literary realism’ style – i.e., it is wild (even outrageous) … but could really happen to you!  She values openness in relationships, and demonstrates this through her characters.

Prior to becoming an author, Simone was a nurse.  One of her pet peeves is reading erotica that gets simple anatomy wrong!  She is continually bewildered by women who haven’t explored their own bodies.  Another pet peeve is the mostly hung-up Victorian society prevalent in the U.S. and U.K., and she tries to do her part to change that by introducing people to new sexual and sensual experiences through her erotic writing.  The activities in Simone’s books are quite realistic, as she has participated in most of these in ‘real life’, as surreal as it may seem.

Simone is currently completing the Experiences series, which will run an estimated 1,000,000 words!  That is why she refers to it as an ‘epic’ romance, although each volume is intended to stand on its own, with a ‘happy for now’ ending.  Experiences combines literary style and philosophical discussion by the characters with graphic portrayal of sex in all of its kinks and fetishes.  You may not like all of the things Simone’s characters do … but neither do they.  Their exploration of new experiences will hopefully motivate some readers to explore their own sexuality to a greater extent.

Simone loves to hear from her readers, so feel free to contact her.   In fact, she hopes you will feel ‘free’ sexually and spiritually, as well.  Please follow her on social media and her blog.  On her website, you may interact directly with the main characters in her books, including asking them questions in order to understand their perspectives in more depth.

You can sign up to her mailing list to learn about new releases, and take advantage of promotions.  All readers on the mailing list will be sent an excerpt from each of her next novels, prior to publication.

You can contact Simone at

Visit Simone’s website:

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Or, tweet Simone at:


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Book Excerpt from Catch My Breath



Book Excerpt

The unspoken promise behind that question nearly shattered me on the spot. This was supposed to be an easy trip across the pond. Go to the wedding, hang out with the family and go home. Not fend off an amazingly sexy, impossible-to-resist guy.

“Stop overthinking,” he ordered.

Stormy, dark eyes carved a path through my skull. I wilted beneath the strength of his stare. A shaky breath escaped my lips as he traced his finger along my jaw and down my neck. He drew me into his hypnotic orbit with such ease. I was powerless to resist.

“This is inevitable, Amelia. Don’t deny it.”

Inevitable? Each stroke of his fingers left a fiery trail in its wake. The smooth, soft skin of his cheek brushed against mine.

“Come with me.”

Oh Jesus, those three words. I jolted out of his seductive haze like I was on fire, trying to avoid his eyes. His expression was one of pure lust.

“No,” I whispered.

His mouth fell open slightly in surprise. “No?”

“No,” I repeated, louder. “Do you not hear that word very often?”

Impassivity dominated his features. He studied me as though I was the most confusing creature on the planet. We stood so close to one another I was overcome by his intoxicating scent.

“Why not?”

“Because,” I sighed. “I’m not interested.”

“In what, Lia? Food or drinks?”

“You know what I mean.”

About the Book

CMBHighResTitle: Catch my Breath

Author: Lynn Montagano

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Lia Meyers’ plan for a relaxing Scottish vacation is short-lived when one uncharacteristic moment of clumsiness lands her in the arms of a dangerously attractive Englishman.

The perfect opportunity for a much needed holiday romance? Wrong! Lia’s still reeling from the mother of all bad breakups, and she really doesn’t have the patience for Alastair Holden – despite his effortless charm and sexy British accent.

Arrogant and totally inscrutable, he’s exactly the sort of guy she wants to avoid but can’t: the man behind the mystery proves just too tempting to resist.

Drawn to him, Lia is forced to battle with her own insecurities, and the closer they become, the more she recognizes her own weaknesses as she peels away his layers with every night they spend together. Discovering the past Alastair is so desperate to conceal, Lia must decide if they can heal one another together or if their deepest fears will tear them apart.

Author Bio

IMG_2281A fresh, new voice in contemporary romance, Lynn is a former TV news writer who decided to take the plunge and write a novel.She’s thrilled that her debut series has been published by Harper Impulse. Catch My Breath, Unravel Me and Effortless were released to rave reviews.

Lynn grew up in a small town in Rhode Island before venturing out into the world. She’s lived everywhere from Los Angeles to Boston to Orlando. An avid traveler, Lynn’s been as far away as Australia and as close as Canada. Her favorite place to visit is London.

The small town girl is back on the east coast after a brief stint in Northern California. Lynn currently resides in Massachusetts, comfortably close to her beloved football team.








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Book Excerpt Bai Tide



Book Excerpt

Agnes’s office at the end of the hall was largest of all and afforded a stunning view of the dormitory, classrooms, and most of the thirty acres of property the school owned. I sat in one of the frigid-from-the-air-conditioning leather armchairs in the corner and pressed the blinking yellow light on the secure teleconference device that sat on the table to my left.

The projected image of a man I’d never met lit up the wall in front of me. He was seated behind a desk, typing on a keyboard off-screen. He kept typing for a few seconds after I picked up the call, then clicked his mouse before looking into the camera.

He cleared his throat. “Mr. Broccoli, I presume?” He sounded American, appeared to be in his late fifties, and had the lean look of a man who’s stayed active his whole life.

“It depends. Who are you?” Maybe my reply seems rude, but you learn quickly in the intelligence community that a stranger is a potential enemy until proven otherwise.

“Nice James Bond reference. I like your sense of humor.” He smiled, revealing even white teeth and crinkling blue eyes. He had a good haircut and a nice tie, so I distrusted him out of hand. Government work doesn’t generally pay well enough to afford ties like that.

“Glad to hear it.”

“My name’s Arthur Peters. I work with the State Department.”

I resisted the urge to gulp. Mr. Nice Tie Nice Eyes didn’t just work with the State Department. He was the Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security Affairs. He was one of those behind-the-scenes guy who knew the secrets’ secrets, and it made me very, very nervous that all my poking around had attracted his attention. This meant something big was burbling in the watchdog section of the State Department and it had something to do with the jackhole who’d tried to blow me up.

About the Book

Beautiful abstract fantasy background, soft blurred rays of light, speed effect, bokeh lights

Beautiful abstract fantasy background, soft blurred rays of light, speed effect, bokeh lights

Title: Bai Tide

Author: Erika Mitchell

Genre: Espionage Thriller

After the events of Blood Money, CIA case officer Bai Hsu is assigned to a high-security private school for what he’s told is an easy assignment. Just a few months after he arrives, a hostile operative with ties to North Korea tries to break in to a school event, with motives unknown.

As his investigation progresses, he unravels a plot that, if not stopped, will result in the untimely and murderous deaths of tens of millions of people.

Bai Tide is Bai’s greatest challenge yet. A mission that will take him from the windswept beaches of San Diego to a whiteout blizzard in the foothills of Pyongyang, and make him question everything he thought he knew about working in the field…and about himself.

Author Bio

Erika Mitchell was born in Orange County, California to a published author and an Anarchist’s Cookbook aficionado. She moved to Seattle, Washington as a freshman in high school, where she promptly realized she owned just one pair of pants and that was going to be a problem in a place with an actual winter.

She graduated from Northwest University in 2003 with a degree in Psychology, which she has yet to use. After a brief foray into technical recruiting (a disaster), she found her calling as a writer and, wonder of wonders, was actually able to find a job where someone paid her to do just that as a blogger.

Blogging turned into writing novels, where Erika has found her niche in the espionage and thriller genre.

Erika currently resides in a small suburb outside Seattle with her husband and two children.


Author website:

Author blog:

Author Twitter account: @ParsingNonsense

Author Facebook page:

Promo Post Two Princes: The Biker and The Billionaire



About The Book

fronttwoprincesTitle: TWO PRINCES: The Biker and The Billionaire

Author: Victoria Danann

Genre: Contemporary Romance

TWO PRINCES: The Biker and The Billionaire

Sons of Sanctuary MC, Book 1 

Two brothers, one a player, one a playboy, are on a collision course with destiny and a woman who thought she won a prize when she was allowed a look inside the Sons of Sanctuary MC.

Brigid Roan is a graduate student at the University of Texas. She had no trouble getting her thesis approved, but finding a Hill Country motorcycle club willing to give her access to their lifestyle was looking impossible. Then she got a lead. A friend of a friend had a cousin with family ties to The Sons of Sanctuary.

What Brigid wanted was information to prove a proposition. The last thing she had in mind was falling for one of the members of the club. Especially since she was a feminist academic out to prove that motorcycle clubs are organized according to the same structure as primitive tribal society.

Brash Fornight was standing in line at the H.E.B. Market when his world tipped on its axis. While waiting his turn to check out, his gaze had wandered to the magazine display and settled on the new issue of “NOW”. The image on the cover, although GQ’d up in an insanely urbane way, was… him.

After reading the article, Brash threw some stuff in a duffle and left his only home, a room at The Sons of Sanctuary clubhouse, with a vague explanation about needing a couple of days away. He left his truck at the Austin airport and caught a plane for New York, on a mission to find a mysterious guy walking around with his face.

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Book Review: Breaking the Silence


Breaking-500Title: Breaking the Silence

Author: Diamante Lavendar

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Rating: A

Based on a true story, a new novel from Diamante Lavendar. Joan Eastman was born like any other girl. However her life would prove to be a life of great pain… Growing up, she was treated differently by family members, powerless to defend herself against their sexual and psychological abuse. Feeling she had been dealt a wicked hand by the “powers that be”, she spiraled into substance abuse and troubled relationships. She became a victim of addiction and self-hatred. Not giving up, she becomes aware of a greater spiritual being that protects her and she begins to heal. Then she finds herself pregnant. She learns to understand nothing is hopeless; that with a changed view and self discovery, there is real hope in every situation, no matter how difficult. As she and her husband look forward to the birth of their child, she writes in her diary as a way of expelling all of the evil memories. On bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy, she endures tests and tribulations that at first she couldn’t begin to understand. But no matter how high the hurdles in Joan’s life are, she doesn’t look back, and pulls the pieces of her life together…for herself and her unborn child. This inspirational story speaks of Joan’s gradual self acceptance and healing of her body, mind and spirit. It speaks of the possibilities of the future and the fulfillment of the dream of love and family. And it speaks of jumping the hurdles in life without looking back, no matter how high those hurdles may be.

Joan Eastman tells the reader her life experiences through this poignant, haunting novel about abuse, pain and how that spiral of hatred, that started in her childhood, led her to make drastic and sometimes stupid mistakes as an adult. At the same time, the book also deals with healing. First and foremost, it’s about recovering one’s true self, healing the pain from the past and finding hope for the future. For Joan, the turning point is when she finds herself pregnant. That’s when she really starts to have hope for her future.

This is a truly inspiring story, and it was a joy to read it. How Joan could find strength despite having gone thorugh all that is simply amazing.

Promo Post Simmering



About the Book

11157087_10206350873041366_1768999855_oTitle: Simmering

Author: S.E. Rise

Genre: Erotic Romance

Who would you rather find in your bedroom, a steamy hose-wielding fireman or a dangerously obsessed ex-boyfriend? What if you found both?  Romance writer Allison Fairchild is growing frustrated with her first attempt at Erotica until she reads a well-timed magazine article. What working man makes the best lover? The article sparks an idea and her eyes are irresistibly drawn to the top-ranked firemen just across the street. It might be coincidence or driven by fate but it is all the motivation she needs.

  Ali has herself assigned to a firehouse and is committed to doing her job; getting incredible sex stories from actual firefighters and, in the process, try not to become one. At least that’s her intention until she meets the Captain, a by-the-rules professional with an enticing off-duty wild streak. Ali and the Captain put their wills to the test to resist the chemistry heating up between them. But unbeknownst to Ali, her cheating ex-boyfriend has set his eyes upon her again and if he can’t have her, no one can.

Author Bio

Erotic and Horror author, S.E.Rise attended Austin Peay University on a track scholarship. Later in life, he became a Captain of an ALS Ambulance in 1996. On his off time, he enjoys salmon fishing and strives to do the impossible. He now lives in Alaska with his wife and children but in 2007, he published his first novel and continues to write gripping and enticing stories which leave readers breathless.