Book Review Nowhere Train


NowhereTrainebookCoverTitle: Nowhere Train

Author: Allie Burke

Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Dystopian

Rating: A

Two-years post end-of-the-world, all Jetilyn Fournier wants to do is learn to navigate a world that is no longer her own. Surviving zombies feels easy, though, compared to dealing with her rocky relationship with her best friend, the death of her mother, her sister’s faux happiness, and her father’s sudden desire to speak, after decades of silence. Saving herself is not even something she can fit in at the moment. Enter Devlin Shea: for all intents and purposes, a mortal enemy. Though she should hate him instantly upon contact, she doesn’t, and before she knows it, Jett has another life to save. Told in the surreal prose that Allie Burke has come to be known for, Nowhere Train is the first zombie novel of its kind. At two parts hippie and one part magic, it is as deadly as it is beautiful; as dark as it is hopeful, baring the question in mind: who–and what–are Jett and her family really fighting for?

With a name like Jetilyn, I couldn’t help but like the main character right away. The world ended two years ago in an apocalypse, but the zombies aren’t the worst. Her mother dying, her sister pretending to be happy, her relationship with her best friend going haywire, all thazt is a lot woese than the zombies. Then she meets Devlin, and though she should hate him, she can’t bring herself to do so. But the world is divided more than ever between Holies and Gunners and zombies, and if Jett wants to protect herself and her family, she’ll have to make some tough choices.

This was an amazing book. Really, one of the best zombie novels I’ve ever come across. The writing has a surreal, almost magical quallity, and the other paints vivid pictures of a dark, painful world. I loved Jett, and her strength really showed as the book progressed.


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