Book Review To Dance One More Day


ToDanceOneMoreDay-RachelJones_(2)Title: To Dance One More Day

Author: Rachel Jones

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: A

From her early teens, ballet has been an integral part of Jillian Russell’s life. One by one, she loses her parents, grandparent, husband and child. If being alone in the world wasn’t bad enough, a medical diagnosis takes away her chance to become a prima ballerina.

Knowing a part of her will die if she walks away from ballet, she changes her focus and builds a ballet company and opens a dance school. This endeavor takes all her resources and leaves no time to build new relationships outside her world of dance. Jillian rationalizes if she doesn’t build relationships, she can’t be deserted. And she’s not sure she would survive another loss.

Handsome trauma surgeon, Alan Armstrong has relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina for a fresh start. Until a few years ago, he had always envisioned his future to include a wife and children. But after his father died in a plane crash from lack of medical attention, his focus for the future has shifted to equip himself professionally to set up a rural clinic. A supporter of the arts, Alan finds himself on the board of the North Carolina Ballet Company. He has always had a penchant for fixing things. Realizing Jillian’s professional life could use some help, it is not long before he realizes he is drawn to her romantically as well.

They fall in love, but when Alan discovers Jillian has been misdiagnosed, he tells her she must decide between their love or a performance career in ballet.

I’ve always wanted to do ballet, but never had a chance to, yet I’m absolutely in love with ballet. Jillian Russell, the main character of this contempoorary romance, is obsessed with ballet too. But life hasn’t been kind for her. She loses her parents, her husband and her child – and ends up being completely alone. Then on top of all that tragedy, a medical diagnosis ruins her chances of becoming a prima ballerina. She opens up a dance school, trying to focus on that instead of dancing, and at least it allows her to be part of the world of ballet. But she’s afraid to connect with people, afraid that somehow she’ll end up losing someone else and hurting yet again.

Alan Armstrong is a trauma surgeon, who moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to get a new start. When he meets Jillian, he wants to help her, first professionally, but when he starts feelings things for her he never thought possible, the two of them fall in love…And then, Alan has to make an impossible choice.

This is one of the best books I’ve read in ages. The emotional turmoil is so heart wrenching I had to cry! Poor Jillian. She’s so strong, and she’s had to endure so much! The romance was amazing too. An excellent book for contemporary romance fans.


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