Book Review Rainbow Curve


bookcoverTitle: Rainbow Curve

Author: Michael Boylan

Genre: Sports

Rating: A

Buy a ticket for a bus ride taking you from North to Central to South America and a boat ride to the Caribbean along with a traveling baseball team. Discover baseball in all its mythical allure: Rainbow Curve is a compelling tale about race, politics, corrupting power and one man’s courage to stand up against it.

An aging baseball player, his multi-cultural teammates, a domineering manager, and a South American drug lord—are all brought together in Rainbow Curve, a gripping novel that explores the international baseball scene. Moving from training camps in Sun City, Arizona, to Wrigley Field in Chicago, to a mountain citadel in Columbia, author Michael Boylan expertly draws connections between America’s favorite pastime, cultural power, and ethical choice.
-Linda Furgerson Selzer, Associate Professor of English/ Penn State University.

Michael Boylan writes like a true baseball fan. Rainbow Curve is a novel filled with more than 9 innings of history. From barnstorming and tales about the Negro Leagues to the Chicago Cubs, Boylan examines the life of players on and off the field. Bo Mellan, Rainbow Billy Beauchamp and Buddy Beal are just some of the characters who give this novel a high batting average. Baseball is not just a game about balls and strikes, it’s also about economics, race, youth and growing old. Rainbow Curve is a reminder of why we sing “God Bless America” at the ball park.
– E. Ethelbert Miller, Literary Activist and author of The 5th Inning.

I love baseball. It’s one of my favorite sports to watch, so I couldn’t say no to this book, and I’m glad I didn’t. Although at its core, it’s about baseball, it’s also about so much more. The writing was intoxicating. The moment I started the story, I couldn’t stop reading. The story focuses mostly on Bo Mellan, a baseball player, life on the field, training camps, and just baseball in general. But the story also has a background story of economics, about culture, ethics, history, race, and a lot more. The book focuses on so many things it’s almost impossible to mention them all.

Despite having a lot of ground to cover, the story remains entertaining, and the characters are easy to relate to. And the ending…well, I won’t give it away, but boy, was that a surprise.

If you like sports, particularly baseball, then you’ll love this book.


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