Book Review The Jewel of Kamara


BookCoverImageTitle: The Jewel of Kamara

Author: Bridie Blake

Genre: YA Fantasy

Rating: A

Buy: Amazon


Tempani of Amarill, a young noblewoman of mixed race, dreams of a Kamara united in race and class. Thrust from the convent into court life, Tempani struggles to find her place in a city she no longer recognizes.

Starved commoners fight the crown, women have no rights, and her mother’s people hide in the south to avoid persecution.

Banned from using her powers, Tempani feels helpless. But her magic is always there. A gentle hum under her skin, threatening to explode the more she sees people suffering.

She wants change, but is she willing to spill the blood of innocents to get it?

This is fantasy at its finest. Tempani, our main character, is a noblewoman of mixed race with unique dreams – to unite her kingdom, Kamara, in race and class. She was raised at a convent for five years after her mother passed away, and now suddenly gets called back to court. She struggles to find her place there, and court intrigue doesn’t make her job any easier. Her mixed race makes her stand out. Her magic makes her even more of an outsider. Magic is banned, but although she can’t use her magic, she feels it with her, always, especially when people are suffering.

The writing style is great, and the author makes the world come to life. The book has some original concepts, and a heroine one can only root for. Tempani is an amazing character, and I loved her from the start. She goes through a lot of struggles, and only ends up becoming stronger. She doesn’t give up, and that makes her so intriguing.

An interesting start to a brand new fantasy series.


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