Book Review The Kiss of a Rose


Kiss of a Rose_cover (2)Title: The Kiss of a Rose

Author: Augustina Van Hoven

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Rating: A+


In 1882, Rose Van Buren loved the wrong man and paid for it with her life. Now, more than a century later, the angel Gabriel has granted her another shot at living. In exchange, she must convince a smart, handsome, up-and-coming lawyer to set aside his lofty ambitions.


Stephen Winship is headed straight for the governor’s chair. He has a brilliant career, solid allies, and a seemingly perfect girlfriend. But night after night he finds himself dreaming of a heavenly beauty, a luminous but long-dead girl. Like some altered Ghost of Christmas Past, she shows him her own tragic tale in order to “save him.” And he’s beginning to see Rose is risking her heart as much as baring her soul. Yet falling for her will cost him everything—and open him up to a happiness he never imagined.

Rose once loved the wrong man, and paid for it with her life. A century later, she gets another chance. Through a magical mirror, she can connect with the world of the living, in particular with Stephen Winship. Except she can only connect with him through dreams. Stephen is a lawyer, brilliant, full of ambition. He has a seemingly perfect life, but every night he dreams about Rose, and he can’t help but feel attracted to her. Rose, in turns, shows Stephen her own tragic tale, in an effort to save him.

I loved this story. The mirror Rose used to connect with Stephen was a pretty original idea, and the storylines intermingling works well too. I also liked the political ambitions and intrigue. The writing is great too. I loved this book, and would recommended it to all paranormal romance readers.


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