Book Review All The Pretty Bones


23201655Title: All The Pretty Bones

Author: Camela Thompson

Genre: Paranormal Thriller

Rating: A

Buy: Amazon

After ten years of living in the shadow of her stalker, a diagnosis of terminal cancer pushes Olivia Kardos to take matters into her own hands. Her final days will not be spent isolated from the world nor hiding like a hunted animal. It’s time for Mark Porter to die. Going against a trained killer alone would be foolish, but the handsome arms dealer who offers to help her has a dark secret of his own.

Homicide Detective Sean Howard has tried to push his ex out of his mind, but his next case brings her crashing back into his life. A woman is found exsanguinated and brutally stabbed in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood and she could be Olivia’s doppelganger. As more women are murdered and the similarities grow, Sean can’t shake the feeling that Olivia is next.

In a world where demons and vampires lurk just beneath the surface, what you don’t know can kill you.

I’m a sucker for vampires, so since this book features a) vampires and b) they don’t sparkle and c) they can be pretty scary at times, then it’s a win-win for me. “All The Pretty Bones” also features an unique set of characters, among them Olivia Kardos who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and wants to kill her stalker so she can enjoy her last days without having to worry about him (what a great premise) and homicide detective Sean Howard who tries to solve a string of murders.

The secondary characters are well-developed too, They’re not just cardboard figures, but each of them has their own, unique personality.

Writing is okay, a little wordy here and there, but overall, solid. The plot is entertaining but it’s the characters that make this book stand out from the crowd.


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